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We may have saved a kitty tonight!

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Tonight at work a customer was complaining about his 8 month old cat Grimey (part of his last name, I thought it was icky too) clawing everything and scratching him.
We discussed solutions to their problems, and he said he had already made an appointment to have the cat neutered and DECLAWED!

I tried explaining what de-clawing was, but he was adamant.

When I got home, I did a search and found the link to www.stopdeclaw.com and sent it to him... We exchange frivolous e-mails all the time.

I just got an e-mail from him(he works nights too) and he was appalled by the site.Just what I had hoped! He said it totally grossed him out, and he would NEVER do that to Grimey!

Thanks to all who posted links to this site in the past....I really believ it saved this cats paws, and a lot of potential problems for both of them later.

I asked him for a pic of Grimey, claws and all, and he said he'd get me one by Weds or Thurs...I feel so happy right now!

Thanks everyone for helping make a difference!
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YEY!!! Cleo!! thats wonderful!!!! Yipee for Grimey and claws!! And good on you to do such a thing! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy!! :blubturq:
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That is truly great news!!!!
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Yeah! The cat is saved!
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YAY!!! Oh, Cleo, that is so awesome! :rainbow: That really makes the debates on here regarding declawing worthwhile- because of it someone at one point posted that link and another kitty has been spared the agony of declawing. This really made my day Thanks for telling us about it
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Grimey thanks you too, I'm sure! (Poor thing, work on getting them to change that name next, okay? lol)
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Way to go Diane!!!!!
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What a great thing you did!! If everyone on this site could do what you just did, can you imagine how many cats could still have thier claws?
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Way to go, Cleo!!!! That was awesome of you!
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Diane, that's fantastic!! I'm so happy you were there for Grimey and educated someone about declawing! I hope you post the little guy up here Outstanding!!!

Major Hugs,
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