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11 Terrorists....

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I was watching the news here last night and was horrified to find that 11 Terrorists had been arrested in this country...... but not only in this country - in the very city I live in!! The police have said not to worry too much as they have'nt made any direct threats against Leicester (the city I live in) YET..... Great....
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That must be scary! Just to think that you could have passed by them on the street and not even known it...At least they have been caught now.
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We can all be thankful that nothing horrible happened!!!!
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Jeesh Rhea, I'm so glad you're okay!!! Keep us posted hon! You can move in with me! That's all you'd need! :laughing2 :laughing2
Hugs, I'll be thinkin' about 'cha!!!
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I can't begin to imagine what it's like to live daily with these kinds of threats. With the IRA and now these loons I don't know how the people of England stand it. Let alone the folks in the mid-east countries and others where bombs and assassins are an everyday fear.

But as I noted in an earlier thread called Reality Check we All lived with a much greater threat for a long time. We lived with the Master Terrorists who controlled Nuclear Weapons enough to threaten the WHOLE WORLD. Think about it,for years millions of people could have been slaughtered in instants. All life on the planet could have been snuffed out.

The current crop of terror mongers are peanuts beside that. We still have to be wary and these nuts have to be destroyed or at least unempowered. Their organizations must be smashed beyond repair. But their threats,while still real and serious,are nothing compared to what might have been.

We will survive...tomorrow will be better.
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