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Sooooo! Cute!

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i was peting bindi to day and wane i want and pet her stomake i cude fell the kittens MOVE! it was the CUTES thing i have ever sine!!
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It is cute! I did that with CJ so much, she started avoiding me, because I bugged her too much!
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to funny!
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just wait till they r born...you will never want to put them down...lol

Hope everything goes wells with the delievery
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funny bindi,i was there with u when it happened!!!
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when mystique was pregnant, she used do lay with me in the bed, and i would feel all her babies dancing inside her belly. it was the coolest thing. i think she would see me and go, OH NO, here we go again.
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thank your crazybash for all the werm fillings !!
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