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Lola is one year old today!!

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lola!!! Happy birthday to you!

I'm happy that she's grown as well as she did, considering the illnesses that troubled her early kittenhood. She's even starting to get fat, if you can believe it!! Still, it's kind of sad.....she's not a baby anymore and neither is Sammy. The playing isn't as constant. I remember when they were tiny and they loved to settle into my lap, on my back, or in the crrok of my arm and fall asleep. Lola, at least, is still a suck looking for attention, but she doesn't like to be ON you (she wants to be able to run at the drop of a hat, I think)....in other words, I doubt either of them will ever be lap cats.
Did any of you feel kind of sad when your kittens turned a year old??
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Yes, (sniff), My 2 boys turned 1 last month, and I still refer to them as "the kittens". Joey sleeps with me still, but JC just stops by of & on during the night, and neither of them wants to be carried or ride on my shoulder anymore. They have to be present, watching me do whatever, and they ask for lots of petting, but only as long as they are on their own feet. The exception is when I'm at the computer, then JC wants to lay down on the mouse & the keyboard and get pets & whispered "sweet nothings" otherwise he insists on pawing the keyboard. If I make him leave, he either goes into the other room & starts pawing the keypad of the fax machine, or he goes to my room & knocks the phone off the hook - both acts cause the machines to make amusing sounds AND gets my IMMEDIATE attention!
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Happy Birthday, Lola!

My mom's cat used to be very playful but now he's all grown up and has slowed down quite a bit. He is still a sweetie, though. My kitty is about 4 months old and engages in all kinds of crazy creature antics. I know I'll feel sad when she's less playful, but that's when I'll break out the catnip
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Oliver is three and I still think of him as a baby! Emma is tiny for a one year old, and probably always will be, so I think of her as my "permanent kitten".
It's a little sad when they get older and more independent, but its also nice when they start to slow down a little and stop trashing your house!!!
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Happy 1st Birthday Lola
Sadie, Dexter & Lei
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Mika turns 1 next month and I'm at a loss as to what to get him. All the neighborhood cats have been invited to a surprise party and I've ordered a tuna cake.

Mika still acts like a loon, though, thanks to little sister. Holly is such a bad influence on him. He never attempted to get on the counter but she's had him crawling all over it. The house used to stay in one piece while we were at work... but now they race around after each other and tear it up on a daily basis!

Mookie still loves his lovin', in any way he can get it and is very tolerant of huggies, kissies, and backflips his dad makes him do. He's on my lap purring now...
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Happy Birthday Lola!!

I know what you mean about the 1 yr old thing.... It is sad
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