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A friend's good deed

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I have luckily never posted here before yesterday, and here I am again. Fortunately, not for one of my pets again, but rather for an unlucky kitty in NC, whom my friend helped cross the RB.

From her blog:
[Friend's bf] and I helped a cat pass on to the next world without having to be smushed under numerous cars. As [Friend's bf] and I drove the final hundred yards to our house last night we caught a glimpse of a cat laying in the gutter on a 55mph highway.
We pulled off as quickly as possible and ran to him and pulled him out of the road, only to find that he was so badly damaged he didn't have a chance.
so we sat with him for an hour, in belief that someone was on their way to put him down, and no one came. so we spent some time on the phone with the police department, to realize there was no chance they were going to come to our aid, but would at least tell us were the closest emergency vet clinic was.
We ran home grabbed some garbage bags and picked him up, he screamed in pain because his ribs were broken, and eased him into the car. I held him steady for the ride to the vet. And we finally got him to rest around 10pm after finding him at about 8.
Complete damage: his faced was smashed and blood filled his right eye and was coming out of his mouth and nose. He had numerous broken ribs and his back legs weren't moving.
At least he wasn't alone or right next to cars flying by in his last moments.

I know it's hard not to hit an animal that runs out in front of you as you are driving, it would be worse to get in a car accident. I still wish there were more humane acts occurring, such as checking to see that the animal is dead and once and animal is in the road that a service or someone pulls it out of the road so it isn't desecrated under hundreds of tires, it's body being spread over the whole road.

A few days ago, I was at a local street festival, where our local Humane Society had a booth. As I walked past, an older woman behind me said to her friend "God Bless people who help animals". I sincerely hope this is true.
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I am in tears for that poor kitty That was so terribly sad, I hate to think of all the pain he was in.

Bless your friend for the compassion she felt for this poor animal and taking him to the vet and for spending the last moments of his life with him so he wouldn't be alone.
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Bless her for her kind heart.
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There need to be more people in the world like that!. Bless her for being a caring person and staying with the kitty in his last moments.
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How horrifically sad! It fills me with disgust that people don't care for animals' lives. Thank God there are those who do! RIP dear kitty.
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how wonderful that your friend could help this little one pass to the Rainbow Bridge. She is right - he crossed over in the arms of someone that cared and to him that will always be remember - I have no doubt about that.

I sit here in tears as I read this post - bless people like your friend, we do need more of them like that

RIP little one, your suffering is over, play with all the other RB kitties now sweetheart
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This brings many tears to my eyes, but at least this poor kitty felt the love from your friend before passing...what a great deed this was..
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What a caring couple. I'm glad they were there for that poor kitty.

A few weeks ago, I saw a black cat that had been hit by a car. I had recently lost some kittens, and felt that I could not go look at the kitty to see if it was gone. But I was concerned that since it was getting dark, drivers wouldn't be able to see the kitty, and it might be run over again. As I pulled into the nearest driveway to knock on the door, another car stopped. A lady got out, checked the cat, then gently picked it up and layed it off the roadway, past the shoulder, on the soft green grass. I can't even tell you how lovingly she cradled the kitty.

No one answered the door, but I was able to go home knowing the kitty was gently set out of the road, where the owners would find it in the morning light. Just a moment of kindness from a stranger, to help the dignity of a deceased kitty.

I believe that no random act of kindness goes unnoticed.
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I once had to move a dead kitty out of the road. It looked so peaceful, not bleeding or anything. It absolutely broke my heart.

Bless your friend for showing this kitty love in it's last few moments on Earth.

RIP Kitty
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Bless your friend for being such a dear angel to help that poor cat! I am so sad that he had to suffer that way - what a cruel, cold world this is sometimes!! RIP, little kitty, until the happy day that you run up to RB to greet Iceover's friend, and tell her "thank you" once again. You have excellent choice in friends, Iceover!
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That is so sad, but your friend did such a wonderful thing by stopping to take care of this kitty, and at least it didnt die alone.
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Bless your friend for the compassion she showed in comforing that poor cat during his final hours. RIP sweet kitty.
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your friend is an angel!
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Bless you for helping that cat. I am in tears(again) thinking about what happened 16 years ago on my honeymoon. It was just getting dark, and we were driving on a very busy 4-lane interstate going into a large city. The car in front of us hit a cat, we barely missed it, and as I looked back, it was hit over and over again, as it tried to crawl. I was crying so hard for that poor cat, there was no way to stop and help it because the traffic was bumper to bumper going 65 miles an hour...I watched until I couldnt see it anymore, and I cried for the next 2 days...needless to say, our honeymoon was a total loss!
So, thank you for not letting him die alone
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