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Any cats here eat additive-free organic food?

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Well, I'm still having difficulties with my dear sweet wonderful Frisky furrybutt. We're having ups and downs with him. One moment I smile and say "yay" because it seems like maybe he might be out of the woods and healing and feeling better. But then we still find icky stinky gross residue and need to keep cleaning the floor and our feet because we step in it ick ewwwwww and we find residue in the bedding - I'm going to do laundry soon - it's still very difficult to deal with and cope with. I'm going to do some healing energy work on him which should help him. My question is do any parents here feed their furry children whole organic additive-free food, as opposed to chemically-laden overly processed mainstream "normal" food? I'm asking because I'd like to know how the health is of your furry children and if you're possibly having similar yucky problems that we're having. I know every cat is different, but I'd still like to know. Okay, thank you for your support and for listening.

from my heart,
Frisky's Mom
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I feed him organic, free-range poultry. I can't really compare because I've never fed him anything else for an extended period of time. He's healthy & happy, though. He's never vomited, and I've never had the unfortunate experience of dealing with residue like that.

I hope Frisky gets better soon and you get the answers you need.
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Mine did much beter when I went to comercial " all natural " food ... organics tend to put in other stuff I dont like .. Ie corn , digests ,,
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all of the catfoods that i have found that are organic are a bit too grain heavy, IMO. there are many many good foods beyond the meow mix and friskeys in the grocery store. some brands that i feed include wellness, innova, and natural balance... natural balance has an organic dry dogfood but no organic catfood yet. if you are really interested in feeding your cat an organic diet you could look into either raw or homecooked... i currently am feeding two of my guys homemade organic raw food and they are doing great!
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I should mention that I give him organic MEAT, as I feed him raw food. I'm sorry. I thought you were talking about raw food. I've never tried organic canned food.
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Dayna, what exactly are you feeding Frisky? Whatever it is may be disagreeing with his digestive system and *could* be why he's having elimination problems.

You first posted about Frisky's problem 11 days ago. Are you still keeping him in the bathroom? I don't mean to sound harsh here, but it's a long time to let this problem continue without getting him examined by a vet. It might be impacted anal glands, which don't require meds but do require vet attention- the vet can manually express them. Simple. If it isn't anal glands, it is more likely the food or possibly a disorder like IBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome). It could even be pancreatitis.

Whatever it is, it needs to be treated. Please, for Frisky's sake, at least have him examined by a vet - no one can force you to give him meds if you don't want to, but it's unfair to your cat to allow him to continue this way.

Myself and other members have already posted in your other threads about Frisky, but I don't feel that you're responding to what we're telling you.

I have experience with using homeopathic vets, as well as integrative medicine vets (those who practice both allopathic and homeopathic medicine). I will tell you that any vet, no matter what type of medicine he practices, requires the cat to be examined and diagnosed. I used homeopathy for years for my cat, and the meds were dispensed according to the results of physical exams and bloodwork done by a conventional vet. Run the other way if you find a holistic or homeopathic vet who *doesn't* require these things.

I apologize if you feel I'm "beating you over the head" with this, but I see no good reason why Frisky should have to remain confined, even if it's only part-time, and have to endure the mess he can't help making.

Please try to get past your own feelings about taking him to the vet - focus instead on what is the right thing for Frisky.
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I do organic free-range poultry as well...but I supplement with CA Natural, which is not organic, but is all-natural with only 5 main ingredients. Both of my cats are healthy, although, they apparently aren't immune from getting colds! ( I have a steadily improving but still kind of sick kitty at home ) and they seem to like the taste better than when I had them on Hill's Science Diet. Also, I've DEFINITELY noticed an improvement in their coats and eyes and Leo's tendency to get chronic yeast infections in his ears.
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