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Cat's meow is weak

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First time poster. Great forum you've got here for cat owners!

Anyway, I'm a little concerned about my cat - a couple of days ago her "voice" started to go. Her meow is very weak, croaky and just not normal.

She's usually very talkative, meowing a lot but is clearly struggling the last couple of days. When she tries to meow, it just comes out as a pathetic sqwauk.

Her behaviour seems normal enough, she's out and about and she was very lively just now in the garden chasing a toy mouse. She does seem to be sleeping a little more than usual though. All last night and then through late morning as well.

Just wondering if anybody knows what this could be? Something serious or just something like a common cold which will pass on its own?

I'd take her to the vet but the only issue is, this is a neighbours cat who "adopted us!" a few years ago. We have an understanding that she stays with us most of the time but they are usually the ones who take her to the vet and I don't want to call at their door asking them to do so if it's not a serious issue.

Sorry for the long post.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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odds are kitty just has a bit of a kitty cold. I think if she's still eating and using the box normally she'll probably just tough it out and be better in a few days. Does she seem congested at all? Often, when a cat gets congested, they'll stop eating because they can't smell their food.
You might want to consider keeping kitty inside while she's feeling under the weather to help minimize any potential stress, and help her get the rest she needs.

Watch her for the next couple of days, and if she seems like she's getting worse, not better, or if she stops eating, I would take her to the vet.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Thanks for advice Olly.

Her apetite is still fine, she scoffing the food down as normal. And overall her behaviour seems normal so hopefully it'll pass in a few days.
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Yes, mostly likely cat laryngitis. But there are other illnesses that can affect the vocal cords, so if it doesn't clear up within a couple weeks, or if you see other signs your cat's not well, please take her to your vet.
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