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I am new!

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Hi..I just wanted to intoduce myself and my four "babies". My name is Kim and I came across this site while trying to find some info about my cat's hurt paw!!! My four precious loves are Rupert, Clementine, Sophie and baby Baxter! They are my "kids"!!! My husband is very well aware that is comes 5th in our house, right after my babies!!! well, I hope to talk to everyone soon! Thanks!
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You'll find plenty of help here. Our members are a wealth of knowledge.

Welcome. Hope to see you around.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
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You are a woman of principals if your kitties come first!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

WELCOME and a big old MEOW to you from my house to yours.
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Of course my babies come first..hee! My husband knows his place..after our cats!!! If I ever have an extra money, the first place i run to is the pet store...they have more toys than any "real" kid!!! I cant wait to get a bigger apartment so they can have their own room!!! (my husband intends to fight me on this one..) take care! Kim
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Hi and welcome! You'll enjoy it here! If you have any questions, just post away!
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Hi and welcome..it's great to have you here! I know what you mean about your husband...mine always says there is more food in the house for the cats, than there is for him... :laughing:
Thanks for joining us!
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I totally know where you are coming from! My husband says that the cats "steal" all of my attention away from him!! I am always too busy in the morning getting ready for work to really talk to him, but I definitely have time to coo my babies!!! !!!!!
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Hi Catmom x4,

I know how you feel, I have 5 babies and the oldest 2 have outlasted both of my husbands and all other relationships so far. They have my unconditional love and I know I have theirs.

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Welcome to the site. I have 5 "babies" of my own. Fortunately my hubby loves them as much as I do. Unfortunately he doesn't want any more.
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Welcome--I look forward to reading your posts
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