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Hello to everyone! I'm totally new, but have been browsing the forum for a few days. I have one tabby cat named Jasmine, who is now 9 years old. In the beginning she didn't get the best of foods... however, I have been trying to do better for her every since.

Lately I've had her on Hills Science Diet, but still did not feel that it was the best option for us. So after reading some of the posts in this section I decided to get a trial size pack of "Chicken Soup for the cat lovers Soul" the light version... as she's a bit on the hefty side.

I'm wondering however, about the wet food. Jasmine has always been fed dry kibble with perhaps one of two treats of wet food per year. But it seems like a lot of ppl here feed a mixture of wet/dry. What are the benefits of this? Is it necessary? What ratio of wet to dry?

And how subtly do I need to make the change to the new food? Over a 3 weeks period??

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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The benefits of feeding cat wet food are numerous. It is good for kidney and urinary tract health because it increases the amount of water your cats consume. It also makes it easier to switch your cats to an all wet diet later on if it is needed for a medical reason. Feeding a couple of wet food meals a day also helps keep track of who is eating well and who is losing their appetite in multi-cat households.
I would start introducing a good quality wet food slowly- perhaps just a teaspoon a day and gradually increasing the amount over a couple of weeks.
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