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Psycho Kitty!

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OK, a little background before I begin. Last year, I adopted two cats, a brother and sister who were about 3 years old ( Peety and Piglet). That is fine, they are very laid back and relaxed. About a month ago, I found an abandoned cat (Bob). When I took him in, he was very thin and neglected. He seemed to be just like my other two, just wanted to sleep all the time and was very content with his life : ). However, about one week ago, he started have psycho attacks. He went from being laid back to acting like a kitten. The vet told me he is about 4 years old. He know runs around the house, jumps on my other two cats to get them to play, he knocks over EVERYTHING while he is "playing". I have never had to cat proof my house before! He is like a totally different cat! I am taking the change to be that he is well fed, has energy now, is healthy and happy so he is expressing his happiness? Anyone have any suggestions as to why the sudden change? It's like Dr. jeckle and mr. hyde!
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He He He! I love psycho kitties! In fact I am going to adopt one today!
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I call it their "mad half hour" when they run around like that. Countless vases and plant pots have been broken in the process so i only buy cheap ones because of it.

Sophie's always jumping on Rosies back from behind, but thats her saying "play with me!", because after that they run around the house playing chase after one another then crash out later on.

Like they say to people with children, "Enjoy it while their young!"
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Cats' behaviors often change when another cat is introduced into the group. Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, sometimes not!!
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Batten down the hatches...full speed ahead.
I usually go bare footed in my place. When Dexter & Sadie go psycho...I move my feet out of the way.
One time I failed to move them...I got a really bad scratch when Dexter ran over a foot. Ouch!
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Dr. Doolittle...Congratulations.

Originally Posted by Dr. Doolittle
He He He! I love psycho kitties! In fact I am going to adopt one today!
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Rosie and Sophies on a mad chase right now!!!
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Yeah, Chichi gets her mad times as well. She's so funny, at those moments

She sort of sits up and looks at me with her round yellow eyes and tries to play catch, as soon as I even move, she jumps up and runs

And when she gets tired, she sits down, sticks her tongue out and breathes just like a dog.

I should have named her Fido instead.
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Thanks! The HS was closed yesterday but is open today! His name will be Jesse James and he is crazy! I met him on a walk through with some of the other techs and one of our vets- we were volunteering to do free exams and vaccines on the cats. He was chasing all the other cats trying to get them to play but no one would . Then I wrestled with him for a while so he kept following me around trying to get me to play. He finally won my heart when he stole my hair scrunchie off my wrist and ran away with it, guarding it and "killing" it like it was prey he had caught.
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Dr. Doolittle...It sounds like you & Jesse James are a match made in heaven.
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Mine do this to, and I love watching them! Alfie will crouch next to me, and when I lean toward him he makes a little chirp and runs off in any direction at full speed ahead! Max has a habit of climbing things when in this mood, I keep catching him on the top of doors!
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At about age nine, Purdy doesn't do this often any more, but when he does it is almost always at 4:30 AM. He tears down the long hall, up over the top of my bed and off the other side, then back down the hall. If that doesn't get me up (which it rarely does the first time), he repeats this until he gets the desired reaction - mama out of bed!
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Your Purdy looks so much like my Frack! Very handsome! Frack likes to bite my chin HARD to get me out of bed in the morning.
Anyways, I picked up Jesse yesterday. He sure is bad all right! I took him to my clinic before bringing him home. I wanted to test him for FIV and Feleuk and update his vaccines before I brought him home. It didn't go well...
I had to put him in th "bad cat box" and gas him down just to take his temperature and draw blood . Oh well, that's what I get for liking the bad ones! I just hope he never gets sick!
Now that he is home and living in my bathroom he is very sweet and cuddly. He explored the whole room right away and loves to help me brush my teeth and put in my contacts.
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You should see my Kitty try to catch a fly ! HAHAHHAAHA its so funny! She goes balistic jumping to bed to couch to room to room of walls on window sillls or juss jumping in the air..... shes very fast i must say.

i love her so much shes so cute and very funny
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