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leukemia positive kitten

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nik nik is a 14 week kitten who tested positive.he has been with other foster kittens.I have had 4 fip cats and kittens,but dont know how to deal with Nik Nik.
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The only treatment that I know of is Interferon, which I believe is a "people med" that is used to treat cancer. That's what our vet gave us for the Feluke positive kitty we had. (She has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.)

Good luck, and God bless for taking on the poor little baby.
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Well, Nik Nik is still very young. You will need to keep her/him away from any cats that have not been vaccinated. I would keep an eye on Nik Nik and see if there's any signs of illness. It is very possible that 1 or 2 months from now the test can come back negative. If the cat had exposure at birth or soon after, he/she may just develope antibodies to the virus. If they really do have the virus, then it really will depend on the cats immune system. Some cats live up to 20 years with leukemia, and some loose the battle early on.
I hope yours is one of the fighters
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I can tell you that leukemia is very contatgious. You need to separated Nik Nik from the other kitties until you know if the cat really has it.
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I just rescued an abandoned kitten who's at the vet right now - he may have fe-leuk. He's been in the house for 3 days. Does anyone know which surfaces in my apartment the disease will contaminate,(ALL of them?) how long they will be contaminated for, and how to disinfect the apartment?? (There are other needful cats out there...)


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Leukemia is not an airborn illness. The only things that would need to be cleaned with a bleach solution are litter pans and food bowls
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Thank you! As it turns out, the cat is healthy, after all - just a bad cold and canker sores and such - thank goodness!

Thanks again.

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That is wonderful news!
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Hello again.

Alas, I just found out that the cat has Calici, (with mouth ulcers)which, according to Cat Fancy magazine, is potentially fatal, and even after the cat is cured, he will always be a carrier.

Someone also told me that the cat can have nothing to eat except this expensive Gerber baby food , but this food has nothing but meat, water, and corn starch, and I've been making my own baby food with meat, water, and no corn starch, so why can't I use that instead???

(There's a lot of misinformation out there...)

Today he's been eating again - eating a lot, and running around, so I assumed he was getting better, but this same someone told me that he could still drop dead any minute if I don't feed him nothing but Gerber meat 7 times a day. And we doesn't like it, so he won't eat it. So he's getting weak again.

If he'll always be a carrier, then I can't bring him out to the shelter anyhow, so he will probably have to be put down...

Any opinions at all?


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Well, Calici can lead to death, but only if the cat can't eat. The ulcers usually make it tough to eat, so they dont and it causes serious problems.
The Gerber thing is the most ridiculus thing I have ever heard. Most vet recomend keeping them until the ulcers start to go away and they syringe feed them. However, if you can get them to eat wet food, there's no problem. Cats can't live on baby food, it doesnt have what they need.
As far as being a carrier. Yes, they can become carriers, but not always. It's part of the normal upper respitory infections that cats are succeptable to. It's very doubtful that this kitten will ever have it again, or pass it onto another cat once well.
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Thanks!! That Gerber stuff is expensive, and the only kind he likes is the ham... he can gobble down 2 jars in about a minute. Seems like my home made chicken soup in a blender should be at least as good for him. (No onions..)

I found a shelter that would accept him. They said that once he was vaccinated, he shouldn't be a carrier any more. I am so relieved. I would have had to keep him myself, and I'm not allowed my own pets - only foster pets. He definitely can eat, although I have to water him with an eye dropper, since he has a little trouble drinking; I guess his tongue won't stick out far enough.

Hey, he likes the Gerber lamb, too! Must be some kind of an Easter kitty.

Well, my prayers were answered! Thank you very much, again!

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