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Hide and Seek

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I just moved in to a temporary living situation. I have one very large room for me and my cats. We moved in last night. THey seemed to do okay last night, checking out the room etc. This morning though, I went to the bathroom and Le Gasp they have escaped. I managed to wrangle one of them, but I can't seem to find the smallest trace of my other kitty. (She's the shy one, she hid under the bed all day in our hotel room.) I've left food out for her, but I'm just worried because I know she is very scared and I don't know if she'll ever come out of hiding.

At least I hope she's hiding. If she got out of this house I will die , it seems extremely unlikely, but that doesn't mean I wont worry about it. I'm just really worried about her, she had a tough couple of days.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting her to come out? I've done the old, shake the treat bag thing, and there is food outside my door for her. I can't leave the door open because I promised I'd keep the cats in my room and I don't want the other one to leave.

Moving Sucks!
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Could there be a rip in the box spring under the bed that she could have crawled into??
Or a dresser that she could have crawled under/behind??. How about opening a can of tuna and leaving it out where she could smell it?
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Yeah, check the bed for rips in the dustcover on the box springs. That's a favorite hidey hole for frightened kitties. And you'd be amazed at how small they can make themselves to get under and behind things.

Hopefully you'll find her soon. Good luck!
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She's not under the bed, or in the bed, I moved all my boxes and furniture around today and she wasn't in on or around any of them. I think she's left my room and is somewhere in the house. I left her favorite food outside the door. But last night we were in a hotel and she hid under the bed pretty much all day, so I don' tknow if she'll come out any time soon. I'm just so worried about her.

She's a hider, the first time I met her she crammed under a peice of furniture that wasn't meant to be got under by any stretch of the imagination. I just hate not knowing where she is. I can't even hear her bells. :-(
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we will be sending good luck vibes your way, maybe she just needs a bit of time(scared cats like to travel at night!)
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chloe was hiding behind the fridge. in some fridges, the bottom has a 2ft opening and that was her fave hiding place. i also discovered she hid underneath a desk that looked unaccessible until it was turned over.

your kitty's around there somewhere
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My housemate just told me she was hiding in his closet the other day. Which would have been much more useful then, not as useful now. But she's definetly around, she's just scared of all the new people. Hopefully if he sees her again he can come get me and I can grab her. Le sigh. I barely know these people they are going to think I'm crazy cat lady. Well.... maybe I am.
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i hope you find your kitties!

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This morning she hadn't eaten so I went downstairs to look for her. I heard her wandering and eventually she came out and walked by me and I grabbed her. She's now wanderinga round our room whining. But at least she isn't pooping in my housemate's shoes.

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