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Urinating Problem

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Hi there
Just found this site, I sincerely hope someone can give me some info...
my hubby is at his wits end with our cat.
Her name is Lucy, I got her as a kitten from a farm, she was 6 weeks, I've had her for a year and ever since I've had her she pees on our leather sofa or leather love seat, sometimes a lot sometimes just a dribble.
Not every day but at least once a week, the other day I was laying on the couch with a blanket watching tv and she climbed up on me and peed on me through the blanket!!! I couldn't believe it.

The last straw was yesterday, she peed on our bed. She had never done that before my hubby wants me to get rid of her, I don't want to.

Her litter box is in our basement on a shelf she can easily get too, due to the fact I have a black lab also and she was eating out of the litter box, gross so I moved it.
I know she goes in the litter box because I clean it often and there's always stuff in it...how do I break her of this? I have a vet appointment Monday they are recommending Kitty prozac...any other suggestions...
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Welcome fellow packer fan!!
What vet do you use in the area? I'm nearby and use Countryside and they are really good; a co-worker uses Kaukauna Vet Clinc for yrs and yrs and she really likes them.
So I would wait to have her examined and see what they recommend just to make sure it is not a physical issue.
How long have you had your dog??? The only thing I can think of is that she is making the cat nervous about using the litter box and she cannot "pee in private". This could be making the cat uncomfortable?? Usually the bed is a safe place unless the cat is mad and peed in retribution. How does she get along with the dog???
I wonder if a covered litter box could help-one that your dog couldn't stick her head in?
I thought there was something you can add to the food to eating the stools would be undesirable??
Good luck!
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First of all she needs to see a vet and have all medical problems eliminated.
Next- did she only start doing this once the litterbox was moved? That could be part of the problem. Perhaps it isn't always convenient for her to go downstairs to use the box? (I know CATS! ) Or it could be that she is scared of the furnace turning on washer/dryer... and when they come on she runs upstairs and uses the couch . She may not always be able to hold it long enough to get to the box. How often do you clean the box? She may be very fastidious and when the box gets dirty she would rather go on the couch. Does she share the box with other cats?
I would (after eliminating medical issues of course) put a litter box beside the couch. Get a covered one and face it towards the wall or a corner of the room so that the dog cannot get in it. If the problem stops- that will be your solution. If the problem persists your cat may have a condition called idiopathic cystitis. This can be controlled with anti-anxiety drugs and glucosamine supplements.
I had this problem once with one of my cats. A new litterbox solved the problem.
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I think your cat needs another litterbox. It sounds as if the one in the basement isn't accessible enough and/or convenient enough. Perhaps another one in a bathroom or closet upstairs with a baby gate across the door to keep the dog out.
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