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good luck - let us know what the vet says. what an awful situation you seem to be in.

shall I send ((((hurry up pee))) vibes?
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Finally managed to get a urine sample from her yesterday morning, and dropped it off at the vets. Hadn't heard from the vet by hometime, and didnt want to leave it till she rang me in case she rang after 6 and Pebbles needed antibiotics, so went on my way home from work instead. Was good news!!! Her wee is concentrated which is good, there is no traces of blood - I did tell the vet i didnt think there was any, and just a slight trace of protein, so she says the best treatment is to keep her on wet food and just give her very little dry food. She also said that she wouldnt say there are any signs of kidney probs with her blood test results - yippee!! She does however, think it is stress. Whether it is either the fact this is her third home in less than a year and she is an older cat so less tolerant to change or the foster cats (I have fostered more cats this year than the whole of last year i think) we dont know, but I am not going to worry about it (Well, not too much!!). Plan of action at the moment is just to get some weight on her, although she is not dangerously underweight. So, 3 cats at the weight clinic then!!
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Well that is good news re the urinalysis results!
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what wonderful news about the test results
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God news! Let's hope you manage to sort her out soon as far as weight goes.
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