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teeth scraping & grinding?

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as you can tell, i haven't had a kitten for a very long time.. so i am newbie all over again. here is a strange question (at least i think it is strange).

is it normal for my kitties teeth to scrape and grind while she is eating? sometimes it sounds like she is even crunching her teeth! and it is worse than the sound of nails on a chalkboard. since i am feeding her with a syringe right now.. the food is soft.. so i know there isn't anything to crunch and that it must be her teeth. is this normal? thanks :tounge2:
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It sounds as if she is just getting a grip on eating. She is unsure of textures and such. The breeder may have only been feeding dry food, so she may be trying to adjust to eating the wet. You can try adding some of the dry to her wet so that her teeth have something to make contact.
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We have a cat that for a long time had to take meds via a syringe, (it was a liquid), and all I had to do was put the time in the corner of his mouth by his back teeth and he would grind away at it even though it wasn't actually in his mouth... to this day, if you put you finger on the corner of his mouth, he does the same thing..

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