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Litter Trays

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Hey people ^_^ I have two four month old kittens, one male and one female and they are fine in every way (apart from one being a complete psycho ) except that they seem to have problems in their litter trays. When they poop they try and cover it with litter, though they're not very good at it. Yoshi (the girl) just scrapes around and misses the litter completely and just end up hitting the edge of the tray, so she doesn't really do a great job of it. She doesn't even look at what she's doing! She just stares in front of her while doing it. Gulliver (the boy) is just... well... he's very lazy in general and tend to get poop on himself on occasion, which isn't great when he then wants to come and sit on your lap

Will they get better as they get older? Would a bigger litter tray help?
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They're young yet, I'm sure they'll get bigger. Maybe they're ready for a bigger litterbox....I don't know what size you have. The box should be big enough for a cat to turn around in and then some.
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