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Well on Aug.8(late at night) I saw the cat eating and so I turned around and went to bed with my oldest daughter Alanis...we were really tired and it was around 12 maybe at anyway....on August 9 I heard my baby crying,so I gave her a toy hopeing I can get a few more minutes of sleep,at the same time I heard something and I couldn't tell what it was so I ask my daughter "what is that sound?" she said it was the birds outside...well ok then and I shut my eyes and that sound was getting louder and louder...well I look down at the cat box(right beside me)and I saw 2 things in there that was white...I jumped out of bed and I had a hard time to get to the box(babys crib was in the way) I took the box and put it on my bed...the mom cat was on one side of the bed and there were 2 little just born kittens on the other side...1 of the kittens were wet and the other was dry,so I took the kittens out of the delievery box and place them in a near by box with the mom cat....then after that I was looking in the delivery box to make sure there was nomore kittens..there was none..Then I called my sister she said go and get a bottle and fill it with hot-warm water..I did and place it under a blanket and set the kittens in there...I was wondering why I didn't hear the mom cat deliever them

12 pm she had her last 2 kittens,,,,aww how sweet...She didn't make a sound and the 2 kittens were born 5 minutes I thought....she never made a sound no grunting or anything....she even let us daughter thought that was pretty cool and so did I.

Well the first born I assume the dry one is all white and has a gray line on her forehead and is a female....2 is all white,and is a male,3 all white and a male,4 white with a gray X on her so cute

My sister said the X mark the spots......well That my stort and now they are going on 2 days old...I am so proud of the mom and the is doing really good,what a great mom

well anyway I will be getting a camera sometime this week and I will take pics for ya all and post them you can see for yourself....I am keeping the mom cat and maybe 1 kitten....