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hit butt is bleeding

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Today i saw my 12 week old kitten get out his litter box i saw that his butt had blood on it. The blood isnt really bad to where its all over the place,just around his anal. It happens when he goes poop but it doesnt always happen to him. Do u think it could be a certian type of canned food flavor.
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It you are sure that it is blood you are seeing...your little kitty needs to be seen by your vet right away. You don't want to be guessing about what the problem is.
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Could be parasites. I would talk to your vet about it and bring them a fecal sample.
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I agree with the others, a vet visit is definately in order. With blood, you don't want to guess.
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yas had a bad case of the worms and her bowel movements were messy, and i noticed some reddish color to it...but shes all well now- but definatly call your vet- you dont want your baby to be hurtin!
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Parasites are a good bet. Take the little one to the vet where they can do a fecal and get you some answers and some meds right away.
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the meds will get rid of the parasites right? Just a question how could he have gotten parasites??
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he could get a parasite from fleas. Most likely if he has had or has fleas he has some sort of parasite. Ringworm, whip worm, hook worm. Could be anything. Meds from your vet will take care of any of that. But get your baby to the vet asap.
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