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Very Frustrating Cat Peeing Problem

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OK, I AM AT MY WITS END HERE. I have posted about a BILLION times about my cat and his peeing problems. I am SO close to taking him to the pound today and washing my hands of the whole damn mess. I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what he is doing:

We have hardwood floors throughout the house. In the living room I have a very large area rug that covers most of the wood floor except for about 2 feet around the perimeter. The entryway by the front door has no rug and is bare wood. Smokey keeps peeing on the edge of the rug where it stops at the entryway. REPEATEDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are things I have done to stop it:

Trip to the vet, negative UTI, got antibiotics anyway and gave them all to him
Added 2 more litterboxes to the 4 we already have
treated area with an enzymatic cleaner wood and rug(about 20 times)
Bought a Feliway plug that is plugged in RIGHT next to where her pees
I put a throw rug and a plastic runner over the cleaned pee spot and now he pees on that too

Now, it has been awhile since I had the idiot at the vet the first time, so I am going to take him in again to make ABSOLUTELY sure that there is nothing wrong. I am not working right now and it is really straining the budget to keep taking him, but I am trying to give him a fair trial so to speak. However, I cannot have him keep doing this! I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and they cannot be raised in an unsanitary home. We have 2 other cats in our house an neither of them have been doing any of the peeing, just Smokey.

So, anyone that can tell me a few other things to try, I am willing to try them as I REALLY do love this kitty. I don't want to get rid of him, but I WILL if he keeps peeing on my floor.

Thanks so much,
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The cat probably has idiopatic cystitis. My cat was also peeing all over the place, and the vet also prescribed antibiotics, but they didn't do any good because for a cat with cystitis, most of the time they don't have a bacterial infection. Had the vet ana lyzed his urine? He might have crystals in urine, or he has bladder stones (an X-rays would be needed).
My cat is on special prescription food Waltham's SO and that has been doing the trick so far.
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I know this might sound crazy but I believe that shapes make cats think it is a litterbox area. I had a similar problem with my cat Pearl and she is 8. Everytime I put something rectangular near her litterbox or even where her litterbox used to be (for example dog bed, bath rug, her cat bed) she would either pee or pooh on it. Luckily I was able to remove these items and the problem stopped. She never has accidents either. Cats are also so OCD that unless you can remove the rug it might not stop. Can you roll it up temporarily to change the layout of the area? Good Luck! Sometimes I don't believe it is smells but habit.
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I can't roll up the rug or get rid of it. It is a HUGE area rug that is basically like having a carpeted floor...it has padding underneath and everything. We had to get the rug (which we have had for 2 years with no problems) because we can't have a baby crawling around on the wood. Now that there is a 2 year old AND a baby that will be crawling in a few months, it is out of the question.
This cat that is having the trouble is MAJORLY OCD. He is the strangest cat I have ever seen. He is scared of EVERYTHING except for our (2) 65 pounds Labs, which he wrestles with! We call him the "house manager" because if anything is out of place or if a litterbox needs some attention, he comes and tells us and won't leave us alone until we figure out the problem and fix it. He is also VERY loving to my husband and I. I will be heartbroken to get rid of him and am afraid that if he has to go to the shelter that he will be unadoptable as he is such a freak. BUT I cannot have him peeing on the floor!! What if the baby gets into it??EWWWWWW!!!!!!

I just have to get this figured out. I have once again treated the spot with enzymatic cleaner and the Feliway plug is plugged in and as far as I know is releasing it's stuff...I covered the area that is being treated with a piece of plastic carpet runner and then put a throw rug over it and we will see if he pees on it again in the next day or so. He generally waits until I think that he isn't going to do it again and then he does it, so we'll see. He goes to the vet on Monday and I will have him checked for crystals in his urine and cystitis.

If anyone else has any input that might help, I'd love to hear it!
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Ask your vet about anti-anxiety medication. A lot of people don't want to use drugs on their cats but you should definately try this before you take him to the pound (shelters are death sentances for cats with urination problems). I suspect from what you describe that this is either behavioural or idiopathic cystitis both of which are aggravated by stress. With you being pregnant and having a small baby you house could be quite stressfull for an anxious cat.
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Ok so I took Smokey to the vet and there was a considerable amount of blood in his urine. I feel so bad for him. How could I think of getting rid of him?? I am just mean. I just don't understand how the other vet could tell me that he was ok and we'd give him a round of antibiotics just in case. That was over 2 months ago!! POOR KITTY!!!!

He had to stay overnight at the vet and now he is home again. He will be on antibiotics for 30 days and then we go back to get rechecked.

I am NEVER going to see that other vet again!

Thanks to you that replied to me and thanks to Hissy, who in the past replied to ALL of my other peeing problems and was insistent that we go to the vet. I am a firm believer that if the kitty starts acting funny, something is wrong! I will haul all of them to the vet over and over if I have to, to make sure they are healthy!!

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While I am sorry to hear Smokey was ill for so long, I am thrilled to hear you find a solution. I have to admit I was so concerned for your poor baby when you called him an idiot (I kind of cringed at that but figured you must really be stressed- which of course would add to his stress and vice versa). I hope these antibiotics work and you found a better vet!! I love happy endings!! Or happy beginnings!
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Hard lesson to learn for Smokey and for you. But usually, yes, it turns out to be a health issue. I am glad Smokey got competent help finally.
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