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cry baby

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Hey everyone, Ziggy is now 5 months old (and a very big 5 month old compared to how small Leeloo was at that age) he is such a sweet kitten and purrs literally all the time (even at the vet, they love him there, he cried a little when they gave him a shot and then began to purr again I couldn't believe it after having Leeloo for so long who usually needs two guys to hold her down for a check up)

anyway, he doesnt shut up, and I mean it's very cute when, if I'm not in the same room as him he will start meowing and meowing and until either I find him, or he comes into the room he will let out this higher little mew and run to me and sit at my feet purring until I pick him up (I'm really not used to this affection! Leeloo is so not cuddley she's a typical tortiseshell) and I love this it makes me feel like a loved mommy, but, when it is 4 in the morning it is not as cute.

I am wondering if maybe it was because he was abandoned, we have stray cats out in the warehouse where I work, and one day we found him, none of the adult cats would go near him. When my co-worker went outside to have a ciggerette, he came running up to her (he was a tiny little 4 week old kitten) meowing like crazy and amazingly let her pick him up (none of the other cats or kittens come close to us) he's always been a big cry baby since then.

So I wake up whenever he starts crying, make sure he has food and water, but he doesn't stop if he feels like getting attention and Leeloo goes running to him too, she loves him, she will clean him and play with him but sometimes I guess he wants me or something I guess.

is this normal behaviour for a male cat, or for a cat who was abandoned? I mean, I even let him sleep in the room with me but sometimes he just wants me awake and I'm really getting sleep depribed here... I was wondering if there was anything I could do, or if anyone has cats that act the same, Leeloo was never like this so is all new all over again.
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The first thing you need to remember is that Ziggy is still a kitten. Five months old is still young enough to have a very kittenish attitude and play time. Secondly, cats are nocturnal animals and are naturally inclined to be up and about at night. This, combined with his age, are certainly large factors in his behaviour.

I don't know how old he was when you got him but it could well be that he has abandonment issues and that he has learned to become more vocal as a result.

Also, you sound as though you attend to him every time he meows. I would suggest not responding, randomly, to his meows - whether they are annoying you or not. When he meows for a cuddle, a few times don't give him one. At other times respond as you do now. If you do this for other things he will learn that he will not get a reward (ie - your attention) every time he meows.

These are things I would try and in time, as he gets older and more accepting of your routine rather than his, I think things will settle down and your problem will go away.

Good luck!!
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