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Bald Spot

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When I got Lucas two months ago, I noticed that on his head there's a stripe from his ear to his eye (on both sides) where he has a lot less hair, you can actually see his skin (he even has a couple of freckles there). It's not noticeable from afar, but you can definitely tell when he gets closer. I'm not sure if it's gotten any worse, but definitely hasn't improved... Anyone knows what it could be? I spent over $200 in exams for him at the vet when I got him and all checked out ok...

I'll try to take a picture when I get home, but in the meantime, does anyone have any idea what it could be? It's $50 for a vet visit over here and I'll need on in a couple of months anyway so he could travel with me, and besides, he was already like that on his initial visit and the vet didn't mention anything, so don't want to spend the money if there's no reason for concern.
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That is a pretty typical area for cats to have thin hair. I think your cat is fine!
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