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Could you guys spare a few vibes?

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Okay, first of all, I'm starting highschool on Monday. I'm scared to death, because everyone will be bigger then me, as I'm a freshman. The campus is huge, and I'm frightened the homework will be overwhelming.

Also, I'm getting a vaccine tomorow, and like Sam, I have a phobia of needles.

So please spare some vibes that highschool won't be as bad as I think, and I won't freak out when the needle is injected.

(I know, I hate change, and I'm a big baby. )
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wishing you luck! i actually like getting vaccinated compared to having my tooth filled. i'm deathly afraid of dentists = torture!
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Sending you vibes for the injection - just don't look and it'll be over before you know it!!

As for highschool, just think of all the interesting people you're going to meet, and all the great things you're going to learn. I'm always fascinated by US highschools, they look so much more exciting than our UK ones!
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Good luck - your first day is one you will remember all your life! It is terrifying, but you will very quickly settle down, and remember everyone else is just as frightened as you are.
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Thank you guys. I already feel a bit better.
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Good luck! Highschool is probably the best time of your life - yes, it's scary for the forst little while but my god when you settle down, you meet so many new people, new ideas, new thinking... it's the most fun I ever had You'll do just fine
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Sending lots of 'hope injection isn't too bad and good luck at high scool' }}}VIBES{{{

I'm sure you'll do just great! As others have said, everyone will be just as scared!
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Oh how I remember that day Jenny when i started highschool.........I was just as nervous as you described yourself to be, but it all works out.....when your older, you'll laugh at yourself, like i did at myself! Remember kiddo, we're with you in spirit!
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You will be fine Jenny. I remember my first day of college. Eeek!

and as for the needles, I worried about it way too much turned out it was no sweat.

You'll be sweet girly.
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Sending lots of good and calming vibes your way.
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High school is probably one of my best memories. I LOVED high school. And look at me...I was always one of those people who said "I won't miss high school. I hate it!" and I do miss it! I miss the memories!

As for vaccines.....I have a phobia of needles so sending you some good vibes!

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Sending you good luck vibes. You'll do fine, though.

I hate needles, too, and I just try to look in the other direction and think about something else until it's over.

I remember my first day of high school, too. I was nervous, too. It turned out not to be too bad, though. Just remember that a quarter of the school is in the same boat you're in and feeling just as nervous as you are. I loved high school, too. It was one of the best times of my life!
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I remember being nervous about starting high school, but you'll do fine!
Just remember, everyone else is probably just as nervous as you. Before you know it, you'll be making friends and getting involved in all kinds of activities. It's an exciting time and something to look forward too. Good luck!
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Good luck!! Highschool is a lot of fun. I was nervous as a freshman also, but you'll be so busy you'll get over it pretty fast. Just be confident. And as for the needle thing, they really don't bother me much, so just don't watch and grip on to something tight and you'll do great.
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Some of your friends from Junior High will be there with you, so you won't be all alone. My 16 y/o son really blossomed in high school, the increased independence just suited him. I think you will really like it, too.

You might ask your Mom if you can take a tylenol or motrin before going for the injection, that will help a little.

I'll be watching next week for your updates on how it is going at school!
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Thanks guys. Your words are really soothing. Alright, I'm going to go get the shot in a few hours.
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Pain free shot vibes coming your way! Join some clubs at school and you'll make lots of friends real fast. I know you'll have plenty of friends in no time. I mean look at all the friends you have at TCS.
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Good luck Jenny - I hope the injection was so much less of a deal than you thought it was going to be. You're going to be just fine at high school - it's scary looking up at it, but once you get there and get settled in, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about
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You guys really are wonderful friends.

I feel a little better. 35 minutes. Gulp...
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Hope everything went OK with the shot. School will be fine. It's normal to be nervous at first. I was a bundle of nerves EVERY first day of school, including college. Within a few days you will be a pro at finding your way around.
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Well, I did okay with the shot. I was so nervous, I was pacing in the waiting room.

The shot went really deep, and took forever, so I squeezed my friend's hand pretty hard.

But, after that, I was releived, it was over, and no after pain. The nurse warned me it would be bad, but no problems.

Thanks so much for the vibes.
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I wanted to mention that highschool is going much better then expected! I was really scared of the first day, but now I'm doing fantastic!

Here my online journal, for more info...
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I'm glad you are doing well. Can you believe, I'm going to my 25th high school reunion in a few weeks! I know I'm getting older, but 25th?!? I live out of state, so it will be nice catching up with everyone.

Glad school is going well Jenny. I know you won't be posting as often, but you remain in my thoughts!
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Good luck with highschool!, you'll do fine but I'll send you calming vibes anyways {{{{ }}}}

I was very nervous my first day of highschool as well, but this will be a very exciting time for you....enjoy it!!
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Aw thanks guys! Don't worry, I'll make an effort everyday to come on.
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