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Prayers, Vibes, Etc.

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Hey All--

Well, I had QUITE an evening.

Was showering after dinner and the gym, getting ready to go out for cocktails with some friends and my husband when my sister called (she's 22, a recent college grad, engaged and living at home right now)
Turns out my mother went to the Ob-gyn yesterday for her yearly, and they found a rather large polyp which she had removed this morning. Her doctor told her there would be some spotting with this procedure, but if she had major bleeding to call him. So, the day went on and she started to have some major bleeding issues--he called in a prescription for a medication which would help her clot up this afternoon--she took it, and the bleeding got worse, not better. So, at 6 PM she and my father (a physician as well) went to the ER where she was told her best bet to stop the bleeding was an emergency hysterectomy. So, at about 9 PM central, she was at the hospital prepped for surgery, which is when my sister called.

I, of course, freaked out, because a) I am far away from home and couldn't help (my parents live in FL and I live in Chicago) and b) my mom is only 56 and certainly not ready for a radical hysterectomy. I was on southwest.com getting ready to book a flight to FL to help take care of my mom ( as an ophthalmologist, my dad works at LEAST 40 hrs a week and my sister was scheduled to leave for SC in a few days to get her teaching certificate validated)

Fortunately, at around 10 Chicago time, after much freaking out on my part, my sister called me to say they had been able to stop the bleeding and my mom was coming home from the hospital without having to have a hysterectomy! Awesome!

In the next few days, she's being carefully monitored and if she has any more issues, will have to have the surgery. I'm asking for your prayers and good vibes at this time that she will be OK and that this won't have to happen...she's just way too young to have to go through that and I can't bear the thought of my mommy suffering and me not being around to help her!

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Prayers and vibes going out to your Mom and your whole family & I even threw a couple in for you...
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I'll be thinking and praying for you and your family.
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Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
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Sorry I just saw this, I will be praying for her and for you and your family as well, hugs.
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Prayers are going out now, from me and my kitties.
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I said a prayer for your mom.

God bless
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Hey everyone, thanks so much for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind words.

My mom is doing fine, a few days later, but will probably eventually have to have a radical hysterectomy. Her mother also had similar problems with uterine polyps and eventually had to have one. I'm hoping I won't have any similar problems as I age, but we shall see.

I think this is a great lesson for any of you who haven't been to the gyno in awhile--make sure you get your yearly!! If the polyp hadn't been dealt with as quickly as it was it could have caused some major, major problems.

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Glad to hear that she is doing good. Thanks for letting us know. :-)
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I just read this thread and I'm glad your mom's feeling better. Maybe they'll have easier ways to discover polyps and dealing with them if you have they same problems later on.
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