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Peter Jennings passing

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My gosh the big three national news era seems to ending doesn't it? I never watched Jennings too much but he does seem like a decent guy. I remember, as a kid we would watch the news after dinner and (gasp) you really didn't know the news all day like now. You really were getting it for the first time.
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Things have certainly changed in the media, all right. We do stay informed throughout the day, that's for sure. I had always enjoyed Peter Jennings' broadcasting. I am amazed at how long Walter Cronkite has lasted!
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Very sad, he will be missed. When it happened he was there.
I read that when the tsunami hit last Dec 26th and Peter Jennings didn't go
over there to cover it, that people wondered why. I think he was probably
sick then.
On another note. Watch Fox News channel. Bill O'Reilly is making it his, personal, crusade to get governors of every state to pass legislation that will severely increase punishment for child sex offenders. About time. He is going after them one by one. Bless his heart.
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I grew up watching Peter Jennings. During 9-11 I turned to him to make some sence of it all. He always was so calm. He was a great man and a great reporter. He will certianly be missed.
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I think the only postive outcome (other than the eloquent eulogies of this excellent journalist claimed by two countries is that more people are aware of lung cancer and some ppl have stopped smoking. Sad news about Dana Reeves tho - and she was not a smoker (like 15% of lung cancer victims) I hope this will spur on more research in this under funded area in oncology!!!!
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We used to watch him all the time...He will be missed
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I was in New Orleans til last night and was walking down the street and walked past one of those newspaper things and saw it and was shocked to see it. I always liked watching him on tv, he was one of the only anchors I liked. He will be sadly missed.
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