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Hi Folks:
I've had some posts on the behavioral forum regarding my 6 year old female, Zart, who was suddenly aggressive toward her buddy of six years, George.
Did all the tests, and finally got her spayed (I know, I know), then was waiting for hormones to subside.
Then MORE tests to rule out FIV, leukemia, corona and toxo.
I just found out that the toxo screen is positive, though she shows no symptoms. She's a completely indoor cat, as well.
The vet wants to give medicine now, then re-test after 21 days. From what I've read, though, meds are usually given only when there's a positive test AND clinical signs.
Can I get some second opinions, please?
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I would ask what the risks of medicating her are. If they are minimal then why not medicate her? Also, isn't agression a clinical sign? If this were my cat I would medicate IMO.
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