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Advice from veteran cat owners! :)

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Ok, I just spent like 20 minutes writing this LONG post only to be logged out!!! AHHHHH!!

So here goes again:

I recently rescued my third cat - his name is Jasper and he is about 3 or 4 years old. I strongly believe that this cat was formerly someone's indoor pet that was turned out to the wild for some unknown, inhumane reason. He loves being held way too much to be a wild cat! The first time I saw him use the litterbox was in my garage during a t'storm....he jumped in it like he had used it a million times. Also something I don't think a wild cat would have done. (please tell me if I'm wrong) He was very fearful and skittish at first and it took 2 weeks of me feeding him before he would let me come close and touch him without running away.

My other 2 cats are strictly indoors. Jasper has been strictly outdoors since joining the family but I would like the other cats to be able to accept him so that Jasper has the option of coming in when he wants. Jasmine and Leo for the last two months keep their eye on him constantly thru the glass storm door of my deck (Jasper's "spot"). I open the storm door several times a day and let them touch and smell one another - so far, there has been no hissing or spitting !
Recently, Jasmine and Jasper have started this play routine with one another thru the glass door. They can't physically touch, but they are really quite comical how they play with one another ...or at least try .

Is this a good sign? I have brought kittens in the home but never an older cat - any suggestions for acclimating the other cats to him coming in occasionally? and/or acclimating Jasper to coming inside, although I don't think this would be his first experience.

One thing I forgot to add: Jasper has been neutered and vaccinnated since I found him, and my other two indoor cats have also been nuetered and spayed.
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He probably was a previous indoor kitty.

As far as the rest I have no idea what to tell ya. Looks like the other kitties accept him so far.
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He does sound like a previous indoor kitty. Make sure you've had him checked for any and all infectious diseases.

I would probably try letting him in for a few minutes of time while you're watching the whole time and gradually lengthen the time he's in. Others will have more advice.
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