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At last found cause of Joji's allergy

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Some of you may remember that Joji developed a runny nose with some sneezing. The URI symptoms kept on coming back so the vet said it was feline asthma or allergy. I couldn't find the cause until now. Joji is allergic to the CAT LITTER. I switched back to the original Arms and Hammer Super Scoop. She's okay now.
Have any of you had cats with the same reaction to a certain brand of cat litter? Is this a common occurrence? If so, you would think manufacturers would first check their products before distribution!
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I have heard a type of litter not a brand
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Glad the cause was found and the allergy was easily treated

I've never had any reaction to litter change, thank goodness
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Gald it was a simple solution!!
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Which litter is your cat allergic to and how did you figure out that it was the litter? One of my four cats has been licking the hair off her lower stomach, inner thighs and back feet for about the last 3 months. My vet thinks it may be some time of contact allergy. The only thing in my house that I can think of that has changed recently is their cat litter. I was using the Arm & Hammer "unscented", but switched to the "Multi- Cat" variety after we adopted our fourth cat a few months ago (right about the time her problem started). The Multi-Cat is highly scented. I'm going to get some unscented Arm & Hammer tomorrow to see if it helps any. I took her into the clinic where I work today and she got a steriod shot which should relieve her itching (but probably only for a few weeks or so). I have to try and figure out what she's allergic to before the shot wears off though. If it's not the litter the next thing I have to do is put her on a hypo-allergenic food (duck & pea) which I really don't want to do if at all possible. It's going to be such a pain to keep them totally seperated for meals (but I will do it if I have to).
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chloe's had reactions to febreeze (which i used around her box) with coughing & wheezing. the vet had no idea what was causing it, but i finally figured it out
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my rambo would sometimes go into the litterbox shortly after i cleaned it and he would start wheezing, coughing and choking. I figured that was a pretty obvious sign that i needed to change litters. I also try and distract him from going into the litterbox right after it's been stirred up (though he really wants to know what i'm doing in there). Even when they say it's 99% dust free....i still don't want them breathing any of it in...
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Yes, I've heard of allergy to cat litter. I think the odor-control ingredients produce a lot more problems than people are aware of.

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