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New Kitten Video

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So after my last attempt at a video, I thought I would have another go:

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aww they r so old r they??

I love the color one the most...awww
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OMGOSH They are adorable
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They are precious. Thansk for sharing them with us.
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i must say that is the coolest looking calico cat i have ever seen (the mother)
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OMG They are soooo cute. The little calico one looks JUST like my Ginger, except for the black smudge on it's nose, is it's belly all white?
You're not a fellow Kiwi are you?
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I bet ya it's great but I bet ya it would take forever to download on dial up. Thanks for sharing though
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Thanks for the kind words.

I have uploaded a few more pictures, and we are moving them out of the box tonight so there will be another video soon

In response to the replies:
  • Kits are three weeks and 2days old
  • We are outside of London, England
  • I thought that Marmite was just a 57, not a type so thanks for the name calico
  • I have added the size of the movies to the links. They will take 20mins to download on dial up. I might have a go tonight doing a smaller version.
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awwwwwww sooooo adorable....i love the markings on the calico kitten the others are cuties as well
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I saw a chinchilla in one of your pictures!! how many do you have? I have two!! (a beige and black one) just wondering!!
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We have two of the wee fellows, Barney and Floyd.

Both seem quite brave when Marmite goes up to the cage.

When they use their sandbath it send the cat skitty trying to get them though!
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So cute! Thanks for a big smile to start my day.
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I am just setting up a web cam to monitor them.

I will post the link once its up and running.
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So cute!
I loved the "paws" video
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New video loaded, and also a dial up version too.

Web cam is on hold until a new one turns up.
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awww they are so adorable and cute. Congratulations!
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