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Does anyone....

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remember your anniversary? Since today is my anniversary with my husband...I've noticed that the phone calls, cards and emails have gone down A LOT since last year (from friends and family). Did everyone just forget? My mom didn't even remember it was today. Is this normal? The most important part though, DH never forgets!!
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Same here......the first year, everyone wants to celebrate with you.
I've been married 11 years, the only reason we got a congratulations or anything from family is because my mother in law is living with us. She tried to interfere in our celebrating, even though, before she lived with us, we didn't even get a card from her, but now since she's living with us, she thinks we have to do everything together.

But, personally, I'd rather have anniversary just between me and hubby. After all, we wouldn't be celebrating anything, if it weren't for me and him being together.
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We just had our one year anniversary and were not nearly as inundated with cards and gifts as we thought we would be...oh well!
When we have our 25th anniversary we're going to throw a party even BETTER than our wedding!
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Happy Anniversary!

My parents normally send a card and soemtimes my sister-in-law calls. That's about it! My husband always remembers though, so that's the important part!
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