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8 Kitten with Fever

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I have an 8 week old kitten with a high fever. She is staying at the vet tonight. She is being treated for coccidia (going on 5 weeks now) and was treated for tapeworm as well. She has had her first set of shots (last week) and is Feline Leuk. negative. Any ideas on what other things can cause fever in kittens? The vet is trying to rule out FIP. It's so frustrating and upseting.

I have two other kittens (these are all fosters) and they are fine, thank goodness!
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Has a URI been ruled out? That's the only thing that comes to my mind at the moment.

Sending healing vibes to your sweet furbaby!!
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coccidia infection in itself can cause a high fever. Hopefully that's all it is! Good luck!
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Wow, I didn't know that coccidia can cause fever!

She's been dealing with coccidia for over 5 weeks. I went to see her at the vet and she is in this little incubator. She's getting fluids and some shots to lower the temperature. She is eating well and alert so that gives me some hope. The results of 2 tests don't seem to indicate FIP at this point. It doesn't appear to be a URI either. They are giving her antibiotics just incase.

The other two are fine and are home with me. They have coccidia but not nearly to the degree this one does.
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I have an 8 week old kitten with coccidia and high fever who is at the vet as we speak. Does anyone have experience with coccidia being a cause of fever? Or have had a pet where the fever was caused by coccidia?
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Ive seen many cases of coccidia (including some that were fatal due to lack of timely treatment) but I've never seen fever associated with it. With treatment your kitten should be fine, but the fever may be from a different cause. Let us know what your vet says ok.
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I didn't know coccidia could cause fever either!
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The Vet did blood work and an x-ray, looking for signs of FIP. What she saw didn't give her any additional indication that it was FIP so she is not going down that route for now. The kitten is getting antibiotics, meds to lower body temperature, albon and fluids. She has stayed overnight for 2 nights at the vet and going on for the 3rd. I guess this is what credit cards are for...

The other two siblings are home and doing well. They have coccidia but no obvious symptoms or problems. They are just on the albon.
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