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Reality Check..

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I stumbled across this site while looking for something else. http://russiaphoto.hypermart.net/index.htm Now you might say so what,since it's photos of Russian Nuke Subs and bases,nuke test sites,protestors,etc. Well it struck me that not so many years ago posessing just one of these photos would be an automatic death sentence..no trial,just a bullet. The western intelligence agencys would have given anything for them. Yet, here they are for all to see and for sale even.

In these days when folks are so discouraged and wondering about the future. When we get upset about the happenings in our daily lives or even threats of violence such as have invaded our cat site,or even the events of 9/11 and it's perpetrators;perhaps we should just consider how close we came. If things had gone just a bit different we could have destroyed the whole planet in just a few hours.

Maybe we should stop and consider..the world IS getting better.
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Whoa! That's quite a reality check! How in the heck did you stumble on that one?

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I found this listed in Google's photo site directory.
Just think...that once was the most repressive,secretive,paranoid system on earth.

(Wups..corrected a typo)
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Hmmmmm....well, it's amazing because they're selling all this stuff. At the risk of sounding like an "idiot" hahahaha I was called an idiot in the infamous pm I received yesterday from JimmyJ!!! hahahaha! Okay, so I'm an unstable, idiot that's had a few mental breakdowns! hahahaha! Sorry, I find this hilarious, anyway, question, I'm too lazy to read, I'm working on Max's case and waiting for a call!
So, why the big garage sale? hahaha!
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Some years ago, I had the opprtunity to get on a russian Navy re-supply ship... What scow it was.. a couple of years later, I was on the largest military transport plane in the world.. russian of course, beating our by about 2 " wing tip to wing tip.. it was hauling of all things.. Llama's.. it was a piece of trash as well...
And to think they have nuke plants...

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Llama's.....?????? :laughing2 Why Llama's, is that a food source or something of great value there? Transportation? Again, I have no idea...must be the idiot in me again :laughing2

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