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Jealous 14yr.old Siamese pees on EVERYTHING!

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[font=Arial]Hey everybody. My name is Summer and I have 2 cats...Simon, a 14 year old siamese and Dream, a 10 year old black tabby. They are my babies but they are driving me crazy!
Actually it's just Simon who is being so bad.
Here's the problem-
Simon and Dream have been living in my bedroom at my parents house for their entire lives up until i graduated from college this past may. They moved in with me and my roomate and her siamese girl kitten, Isabell.
They've adjusted pretty well except Simon has become more aggressive than he normally is AND everytime my boyfriend comes over to spend the night he urinates on something of his...clothing, bookbag, computer case, etc. He has also urinated on my roomates bed and on our kitchen counter!
I know he's anxious and jealous and this is totally a behavioral problem b/c i keep his litter box clean. Ive never met a cat that acted out so bad. We've been living in this house for 3 months now.
Should i try letting him outiside to use the bathroom? What should i do???
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First things first ... stress (of moving, new animals and people in the new environment, boyfriend sleeping over) can cause urinary tract infections. Take him in and have the vet perform labs to rule out UTI before anything else. Please, please, please don't let him out.

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People will tell you to have him checked by a vet for a UTI. Do that first. if your cat is given the all-clear health wise then it is just something you are going to have to deal with unless you can identify the source of the problem and change/remove it.

We have 7 cats. Marge is the lowest cat in terms of rank. We are lucky she poops in front of the litter boxes instead of somewhere else where it would be less obvious.

She will pee in the litter box, however, she also will occasionally pee on the floor in front of the litter box. She will pee on the mats in the bathrooms so we have to remember to keep the bathroom doors always shut, even when we are in the shower because I have caught her peeing on the mat twice now while I was in the shower.

She will also pee on any clothes that are thrown on the floor. My husband doesn't always make the laundry basket so she usually pees on his clothes.

She will pee in the laundry basket if it is empty and sometimes when it has clothes in it.

She will also pee on any plastic bags left on the floor or in any empty cardboard boxes left lying around.

She will pee on anything that smells like "horse" that I have brought home from the barn and leave lying around.

If she has been sleeping in a particular cat bed and someone else decides they want it she will go back and pee in *that* when the other cat is not around.

Poor Marge. We love her, but she has some issues. We try to minimize it by keeping clothes off the floor, throwing away plastic grocery bags and empty cardboard boxes immediately, keeping the laundry baskets in the closet, etc. Basically we have found a way to minimize the problem but not fix it completely.

Marge has had all her shots, has had blood tests done, urinalises (pl.) done and she is fine. She is just the one that everyone else looks down on : (


I wish I had more advice.
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