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new aggressive kitten

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I wrote before about getting a friend for my cat Nepheline. She will be loosing her current companion in Sept. So I picked up a boy kitten (6 weeks old) from the vet and he is really sweet most of the time. Him and Nepheline are getting used to each other and even playing together. I did the proper introductions etc. There was some hissing and swatting but things are getting better. The only problem is that the little boy kitten sometimes get really fierce when he has a soft toy in his mouth and growls and hisses and claws at everything around him. This includes me, Nepheline and the carpet. It scares me and Nepheline. Is there something wrong with him? What should I do about it? I read that alpha cats sometimes get really possessive about toys. I will be moving into a 15 by 15 bachelor apartment in Sept and need everyone to co-exist peacefully. Thanks for any help.
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There's nothing wrong with him. I'm not exactly sure why some cats do that, but they do. Maybe they think they've got a prey they killed in their mouth and don't want to give it up or share it, would be my guess.
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My new kitten Betty does the same thing, she will swat any thing near her. My other kitty doesn't do it at all, to make Betty stop i slowly approach and stroke her back, I don't go near the toy or whatever she is going nuts about. I think she is now used to me doing this.
Good luck and congrats on your kitty!
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He has a high prey drive, perfectly natural. Just leave him be, and then drop a tasty smelly treat on the carpet near where he has the toy. Once he releases the toy to grab the treat, put the toy away- But don't touch him you will get nailed more than likely
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Here's another tip for getting a toy away from a cat that's got it firmly clenched in his teeth (if you really need to get it right now, that is, and he won't give it up for a treat): push the toy in TOWARD the cat's mouth. DON'T try to pull it away...he'll just clench down all that much harder. If you push it toward the cat, he's momentarily confused and will relax his grip. But be fast, it's only momentary!! Sounds strange, but it works. I use it all the time.
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Thanks for the advice. Yesterday everything went really well. When he had a toy and was growling etc I just left him alone and Nepheline just watched from a distance and eventually he dropped the toy on his own and started playing with Nepheline again. One more question: what does it mean when they smack each other in the face with their paws (no claws)? I assume that is just playing.... I still have them separated during the day and night when I can't supervise but I think soon I will let the little one out all the time. He get locked in the bathroom when I'm not there. Poor guy!
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