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FIV advice and help please

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Hi all. Just had some bad news about my cat. He's been ill for a few days, took him to the vet who prescribed anti biotics. He was fine after, but when the course finished he got sick again! i was horrified to learn he has FIV! can anyone give me some info about it? the vet did not make it clear. Does it mean he will die soon, will he gradually get sick or will he just drop dead one day? or do we just have to keep him in and he will be ok? he is back on anti biotics and eating well again. Sorry if these seem silly questions but i've been knocked sideways by this and dont fully understand it! hope someone can help... all the best
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Hi George and Welcome!

I am sorry to hear about your cat. I don't know much about the life expectancy or treatments for an FIV kitty but I do know that once it is diagnosed you should try to not let the cat get outside. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. FIV is contagious among cats, if he gets in a little scuffle with another cat, that cat can get the disease. His chances of getting into a scuffle are more likely if he is not neutered, is he neutered?

2. Your cat now has a compromised immune system and the other common curable feline infections would affect his health more drastically than it would a non FIV kitty.

There are other members here on this site that can advise you in helping your kitty have a healthier and longer life. Good Luck to you!!!!

P.S. You might try and do a search on this site for FIV and see if you can find any health tips (the top of the screen shows the grey buttons and one of them says search). Also try a general internet search and I bet you'll be able to find some good info.
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There are all kinds of possibilities with FIV. What kind of test did the vet run? How old is your kitty?
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Thanks for your replies. He is about 5 years old. I dont know what test he did on him, all i know is they had to sedate him to clip some fur and take some blood Dont know if that is much use to you though! I am keeping him in away from all the other local cats and at the moment he seems happy with it! Also, he is neutered. Thanks once again for the replies
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Well, at 5 years old unless he has been outdoors and exposed to another cat with it, it may mean that he has just been exposed to one of the corona viruses. The only way to determine for sure is necropsy or unless he has the wet form of FIP and then it's almost a guarantee. There is so much "unknown" about the virus that you can't say for sure. I am not an expert on it, so it may help just to do a search on the internet and here for some more detailed information. I sure do hope he will be okay!
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You will have to excuse my ignorance but what is the corona virus? He has always been outside and never been ill until a couple of weeks ago, then the vet diagnosed fiv! You obviously know a lot about cats! Thanks once again for your help, i will have a more detailed look on the web. He seems fine at the moment, eating like a horse and destroying the house! Just worried that he will take a sudden down turn. Anyway, all the best....
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I saw your email while trying to do get some more info on FIV and wondered if you have managed to find out anything more. One of my cats has had bad ulcers in its mouth and was given an injection yesterday. Last night his gums bled and after going back to the vet this morning, they have diagnosed him with FIV. He is on a course of injections at the moment, but things aren't looking too good. He was neutered when a kitten and I am wondering if this could have been prevented in any way. We have 2 other cats, so obviously we will ahve to check those out as well.

If you do have any more useful info, I would be grateful if you could forward it my way. Many thanks.
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who only deals with FIV cats, she has 7 I believe, let me see if I can get ahold of her and get you guys some information. Last I talked with her, she said they can live long lives and be in with other cats unless they are fighters, once the fights break out, the disease can spread in bites and scratches. Let me see if she is available and I will get back to you.
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That would be great, any more info is much appreciated. Thanks very much to all who have helped... All the best.
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Hi again, just an update on my cat. He has now come off the anti biotics and has been off them for 4 days and has showed no signs of deterioration and is eating normally, and seems very happy lets hope he stays that way....
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Yeah!! I hope that he stays well for you. Hopefully he has kicked whatever was causing him to be sick.
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Great news about your kitten George, I hope he stays well. Unfortunately, my cat Oliver deteriorated further last week and after the vet ran more tests, we had to make the painful decision of having him put down as he was bleeding internally. It is all very sad as he didn't deserve it and I hope more research can be done into this life-threatening disease. Thank you to all of you for helping get more info. etc. Best regards...
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Really sorry about your cat claudia, I can imagine how you feel, its horrible finding out that they are fiv+ and watching them for any signs of illness so when it comes to saying goodbye it must be awful. ALso sorry for not replying to your post on this thread, I didnt receive an email notification that you had posted (or maybe i missed it). Having said that I still havent found much info, even the vet wasnt very clear about what I can expect but as far as I know there is no way infection can be avoided. Hope your other cats are ok, im sure they will be, I have another cat and she is fine and they have lived together for 5 years. Once again sorry about your bad news...
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So Sorry about your kitty Claudia Such a bummer!

George, glad to hear your kitty is doing better

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Here is a site you might want to look at:

All the best to you and your furbaby
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Hello again. I drop by from time to time to give you updates on my cat. Since the my last post he took another dip and was rushed to the vets. Basically he is permanently on anti biotics (synulox) and he is completely fine. The vet did warn there could be a chance of secondary infections which could be harder to treat but at the moment things are good. All the best til next time............
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I will be sending well wishes your way!! Have you thought any on trying some of the homeopathic immune stimulants?
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I havent heard of such a thing for cats! bearing in mind I live in England and we are only just getting to grips with electricity and flushing toilets! Only joking, but we are a way behind you folks on a lot of things. Do you have any info or websites that may be of help.

Thanks very much for your help, best wishes....
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The few things I know you can do are visit this website and you will find a product called Mega-C. It has had wonderful effects for FIV, FELV and FIP.

In addition to that you can use a combination of
Collodial silver: 2 to 3 drops twice daily. Use it with 500 parts per million of silver.

Spectra: 1/4 capusule

EHB: 1/4 capsule twice daily

Lysine: 250 Milligrams twice daily for an average size cat.

The Collodial silver, you can do an internet search on. The EHB and Spectra are made by NF formulas and you can call them at 18005474891. The Lysine you can usually find at any health and nutrition store.
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Thanks for that info sandie, very good of you! I will give the site a look in a bit, just wanted to thank you for the info. All the best......
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FIV is similar to HIV in humans. Its not transmissible to humans or any other animals except other cats. Even then, it is spread through bite wounds. It doesnt cross the placenta in pregnant cats, therefore all female cats that are pregnant and have the disease do not spread it to their kittens. Cats that have the disease can have it for several years without any symptoms.

FIV cats should be monitored closely for signs of illness, including yearly complete blood count and chemistry panels for organ dysfunction. There is no reason not to treat a infected cat for chronic illnesses. Unless your cat is agressive towards others, there is no need to keep him isolated. Also, there is no vaccine that I know of available to cure it at this time.
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