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please help

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my mommie cat is moving her kittens, i am not interrupting her right now because my husband is not home and i don't know what to do...here is the problem...my husband is in a power wheelchair and steers poorly due to his disability, kaddie moved them out of a dresser drawer and has moved them into the bedroom on the floor...i am afraid for their safety. How can i intervene without being intrusive? Is there a way to encourage her to place them in a safer location? They were born 8/4 and are still quite delicate.
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What beautiful kittens!

I'll move this to Pregnant Cats & Newborn Kittens where our experts can assist you in convincing Kaddie that this isn't a good place for her babies.
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Awwwwww They are so precious!

I just wanted to say how beautiful they are! I am sure someone who can answer your question will see this post soon.
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They would all be safer if you could confine Momma and babies in a large dog crate. That way, you could open the crate for Momma when she needs some "me" time and confine the babies for their safety. When your husband won't be motoring around the room where the babies are kept, you can open the crate and let them out to explore and learn to use those quickly developing little muscles.

Hope this helps,

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When I have had to deal with a cat who had kittens I had the same concerns. With one cat I took a large closed in cardboard box and cut a small hole in the front for momma to get in and out of. Once she realised I was not going to get at her kittens inside this box she felt safe and just left them in there. Before that she was just moving them from underneath one bed to underneath another bed, back and forth.
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