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My tap water sucks. It tastes like chlorine, smells like bleach and my cats previous and present hate it. So, I've given them bottled spring water. Now, I'm going to get one of those water dispensers with the 5 gallon jug and I have the option of going with purified or spring water. I just wondered if any of you have read if there's any benefit to one versus the other.
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Spring water has the natural minerals in it that humans and animals need. Purified water might be distilled water, which doesn't have any. As a better, and cheaper in the long run solution, let me suggest a home water filter. Either the type that mounts on your faucet or the more expensive, but more convenient, under sink installation. They filter the chlorine and other impurities in the water without removing minerals. And make the water taste really good. You'll want to use it for your own drinking water as well as for your cats. I've used the PuR faucet-mounted filter and been satisfied with it. And I'm currently using a Culligan under-sink filter and am even more happy with it.

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If any of your cats have urinary issues, I would go with the purified or distilled. Sometimes, the minerals in spring water can aggravate urinary issues.
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i give my cat bottled water for babies.... low minerals.. cuz he has urinary issues.
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Thanks all. We're hoping to buy a house, soon, so I'll look into a water purifier then. In the meantime, they've been drinking spring with no issues, so I guess I'll stick with that.
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I use a Brita faucet mounted filter for all of our water uses. If you are able to buy a home you can get the best....an under the sink filter system.
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