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the worse night

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So let me tell you guys what happened to me this past weekend. I was supoose to go to Puerto Rico for my honeymoon before my husband went to Iraq for 7months. Well our flight was for Aug 6 at 12:55AM We weren't thinking so we went to the airport on the 6th and we were waiting for the aug 7th flight not the 6th. We missed our filght by 24hours!!! we were suppose to be there on firday to get on the flight for the 6th. Everyone with me. My husband was on the phone for 2 hours trying to see if we could get on the flight that was about to leave. They had 2 seats open. No one could do anything. I was so upset I cried!! The only good thing they did was refund the money which they aren't suppose to. So we decided to buy 2 new tickets. Tell me why they were $1900 per person!!! We did'nt have that kind of money to just buy them so we just gave up. To make things worse our friend already left to go home so we had to call a cab. We had only $60 for the fare and the guy said it would be $160 just to get home. We couldn't even get home. So we went to the nearest hotel. My husband was so upsest. But I was ok by then b/c I just kept thinking that God had a reason for all this. It just was'nt meant to be. And the more my husband tried to get the tickets the more I just kept saying to myself that it's just not meant, we are not suppose to go on this trip. I really believe things happen for a reason. Finally our friend came to pick us up and we headed by to our home. We were just so blown. How stupid can we be not realizing the time. But after a couple days we got the money and we got our tickets to leave on monday!!! We are finally going to be on our honeymoon!!!!
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I'm glad things worked out and you're able to go on your honeymoon.
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Wow, I hope we don't have any problems when we leave in 2 weeks for our cruise. I am so glad ya'll got to work things out--have a great honeymoon!
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It is so easy to make a mistake with 24 hour clocks etc. I once missed a flight because I turned up at 2 PM and it should have been 2 AM! But to do it on your honeymoon! That sucks. I hope you have a wonderful time when you get there.
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