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What are the general required or recomended shots to have for a new kitten, indoors only. Assume they had none. Just want to make sure I'm updated.
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rabies is required , i would also get I think they call it a three in one to cover any contact with another cat ..
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I do rabies (it's the law) and distemper (it was reccommended by my shelter and my vet), but I wouldn't ever do any of the other vaccines out there with my kits...too risky in my opinion. And being indoor-only, they don't really need anything else anyway.

Also, I do their shots at a 3-year-interval, not every year There is a 3 year rabies out there, but some places say it must be done each year and don't offer the 3 year option.

Talk to your vet, though. Your circumstance may be different than mine...but this is what my particular vet reccommends.
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Indoor cats need protection like outdoor ones - they may escape, or someone may bring something in with them. Vets will give 3-in-one plus rabies and some vets do a first worm/flea treatment with a shot.
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