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Hello.... newbie signing in

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Hello there... Im a and came across your site when looking for puddycat forums.

Im looking forward to trawling through your posts... Im thinking of adding a new member to our family and quite fancy a a Blue Persian...

Catch you all later...
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Hey girl! Now I have that Blues Brothers song running through my head. You're probably too young to know it.

Anyway, welcome. I'd offer you a hand navigating around, but judging from your 1 post, complete with authentic signature and smilie link, I will probably be coming to you for help.

Enjoy your look around, and hope to see you posting.
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Yeah, I know the Blues Brothers... classic movie.. not sure which song you mean though

And the music score was first class - if you checked out my music on my site you would see why

Thanks for the welcome... and yes, you will see me around....

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SoulGirl, Welcome!!! I am sure that you will find this site a fun place to be (and a wee bit addictive at times). It is a great place to voice your opinions, ask questions, and make friends. Enjoy!
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Actually, I would like to know what I should expect to pay for a good pedigree Blue Persian? Can anyone advise me??

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Hey there and welcome!

go check out our breeders forums, and post any ?'s you have about purebreds there. We have plenty of folks who should be able to help you out.
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Welcome Soulgirl! I hope to see you around here. This is a great site. I have an four month old orange cat name Rascal. Enjoy!
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Hey there :bubbly:

Nice to see a new member. As always you guys shed new life into our Threads and change is refreshing Happy posting

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I just checked out your site! Whoa! Did you build that yourself? That site slams! I registered and will get over there to see what's up! Very cool! By the way, your kids are really cute

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Oooh, thank you *blush*. Yes I did... took me a while to get the hang of but just easy updates these days....

And a Husband who helps...
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Welcome! Welcome! You'll love this site. Everything you want or need to know, you can find here! Happy posting!

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Welcome Soulgirl! I love your style!! How on earth did you get your own handwritten signature at the bottom of your post? That is way cool! I am not very talented at doing things like that.
I am really glad you have joined us here, and I look forward to hearing more from you!
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If you want to see something really cool, go check her site out! I've not seen one that I'm that impressed with...the only thing I don't think you have on that is Flash, but I can be wrong...who cares, it looks awesome

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I'm a Soul Man (You'll have to imagine the melody yourself). The album is in my collection, but then again, so is everything offbeat.

See you around.
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Hi Soulgirl!
Welcome to The Cat Site! It's a wonderful place, and I hope you like it here as much as I do!
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Welcome to the site Soulgirl!!! Make yourself comfy and stick around!!! I'll go see if I can find your post in the breeders forum on prices of Persians......
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