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Kitten bullies our Dog

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My family got a little kitten about 2 mos. ago from a shelter and he is currently about 5 months old. We have also had a dog for the past 10 yrs.- he is 13. My problem is that our kitten (Chance) constantly attacks the dog and bites him. I know he wants to play and that but sometimes our dog will start barking b/c he got hurt by the kitten. I've tried little "time-outs" for the kitten but they don't seem to be working...what else can I do??
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does he get enough play time? only asking because maybe if she's taught what TO play with, it may limit the attacks. reminds me of ADHD, like perhaps she needs more attention to tire her out, just a thought.
I would thiink this problem should subside with time, but I had a problem with my current cat nissa attacking my girlfriend all the time. We ended up having her (my gf) pin her down by the neck, not causing pain, just uncomfortably restaining her and saying NO! and then release her. It would probably help if the same person does it everytime too, like the apparent dominant person, being how cat society works. but it has to be done consistantly in order for it to work. You need to teach her it isn't right, but not with physical abuse.
I used to have a somewhat similar problem with my old cat and my dog. The cat was there first and didnt like sharing space with the dog. She used to beat him senslessly, but only when provoked. Think the dog has a complex now, being he was 10x's her size.
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I'll have to try GENTLY restraining Chance b/c I'm not sure what else it could be (except that he thinks he is the boss). Chance (our kitten) gets TONS of attention - though I try to spread it around evenly between the cat and dog - and he has a lot of toys to play with (he especially likes ripping open and taking stuffing out of toy mice!) Thanks for the advice!
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I have a 155lb Newfoundland. She is terrified of Ripley. Bt, since she came to live with us, Ripley has done nothing but torment and tease Molly (newf) and I do mean TEASE . (actually quite funny) I won't get into the things that Rip does to my dog, let me just say that it amazes me everyday the things Riply will seek out to do ON PURPOSE to bug Molly.( swear she lays awake a night plotting her petty little tortures. Almost like the bully at school and the big fat nerdy kid.lol. If your cat is actually hurting the dog, try afew things first. Find something that will startle your cat. (but not the dog). You will have to be relentless and consistent with the no's and pulling the cat away from the dog. Because as we all know way too well , cats have a mind of their own and a deaf ear when it come to things they WANT to do as opposed to what we want them to do.
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