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Bob's whiskers are almost gone!

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Ok, I came home from work yestarday to find that one of my cats' left side whiskers very short! It almost looks like they caught fire or something, although that isn't possible. The whiskers on the right side of his face are still very long, but the left side looks..... well, like I took scissors and cut them off! I can't figure out how this happened!!?? COuld he have chewed them??? I do have two other cats but I am not sure if they had anything to do with this. Anyone have any theories???
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I've noticed a few of Lucky's whiskers have broken or disappeared. I noticed that when Lucky and rambo are playing/fighting that rambo sometimes chews them when lucky has him pinned. Might have happened with your cat too....just my thought! i don't worry about it too much...doesn't seem to stop either of my two!
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My Izzy had the same problem when I first got her. Shes my only cat and I honestly thought one of my friends was cutting her whiskers off! When I took her to the vet, he just told me how cats use their whiskers to feel around their faces. The vet said she just didnt seem to care. So Izzy was either squeezing into places she didnt fit or just bumping her head all the time and the whiskers broke off!

Don't worry though, they grow back. It took a few weeks for her, but now they are much finer so they dont snap off as easily. In this picture you can see a thick broken one sticking out, while the thinner ones are growing back just fine.
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My cats have always broken their whiskers in hard play until they reach about two years old.
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My home is always littered with whiskers that have fallen out, knocked out, been bumped out.

If you think it would make you feel better, you can take kitty to the vet, or just monitor his behavior for a few days. If everything else (eating, litter box, sleeping, personality) seems normal than I wouldn't worry about it!
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Thanks guys! I appreciate all your helpful advise and experiences with your own cats!
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