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My cat is acting very strange

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Little Cleo has been displaying some odd behavior that started last night. She is sitting on the floor in the bedroom beside my husband's nightstand and is staring at the base of the wall like there is a bug there. I have looked and there is not a bug there! She slept there all night and is awake now and staring there again.

She is creeping me out and is making me think we have a mouse or something! But I have never found mouse poop under the sinks or anywhere where you'd usually expect to see signs of a mouse. I have listened and I haven't heard anything, no scratching or other sounds... What do you guys think?
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Well I just let her in the garage, which is on the other side of that wall she was staring at. Hopefully she won't catch anything furry! LOL Peter said it might be termites, thankfully we don't own this place and are just renting!
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My lucky does that all the time. She's start chattering to something that only she can see or hear. Gets me worried sometimes....especially when she stares up at the attic. (or when she does it at 3am! lol)

The funny thing is when there is a bug in the apartment she may not even notice it!
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My Freckles will just sit there and stare at his water dish some days. Spooks me out! I think it's his signal for fresh water, even if I changed it not too long before.
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Hi Sarah-

I've learned from my cats that when they're staring at something, even if there's nothing that *I* can see, there is something there!

I agree with the comment about cats' eyes being so much sharper than ours - that goes for their sense of smell and hearing, too.

My guess is a bug (could be those termites, yuck). The other possibility, and I remember reading about this on the board months ago, is some sort of electrical noise.
Hopefully there aren't any wires in that wall that are buzzing because of some kind of electrical short.
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this reminds me what my cleo used to do. my hubby collects swords and there is one hanging right above his nightstand. cleo would jump up and stare at this sword for hours, literaly. she would not move, it spooked me out.. i thought there were ghosts in the house or something. after a few months she stopped this weird habit. proves that cats really are weird.
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Well shoot call me stupid if you want but I read that cats (and dogs) sometimes see supernatural things that our human eyes don't see.

Far fetched for some im sure, but just throwing that out there!
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Hmmm....has Cleo been into the catnip lately? I've seen my Georgie chase after things that weren't there after a "session."

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LOL you guys. Well as for the "supernatural" thing I'm right there with ya florit0275 but usually the cats pay attention to other things, not the baseboards : )

I actually suspect that the old lady that lived here before us died somewhere in here. Our landlord told us she had lots of cats. I think her cats are all the strays that are in the woods across the street from us that come snooping around our house looking in the windows and stuff. I wonder...
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Leeloo does that all the time, sometimes she'll meow and jump up at something on the wall that isn't there. I figured out once she was staring at her own shadow... another time some paint I didn't notice was peeling off the wall, for awhile she had me convinced there were ghosts...
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