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My neighbors dog....

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Ever since my husband and I moved to our house, we have been having issues with our neighbor. We bought a parcel that is 8.06 acres and is situated inbetween 2 other parcels. His house is past ours, so we are required to allow him 50 feet of right a way, which is our long lane leading to our driveway. We have had issues with his friends speeding down the road, flying up on our bumpers...etc, etc, etc. We have spoken to them, and worked out, and we were standing on the same page.....

Well, apparently, not only does our neighbor have beagle hunting dogs that he keeps in a huge runner kennel, (which is bigger than half his yard, he takes extremely good care of them from what I have seen.) he has 1 pug, 1 jack russell terrier, and 1 boxer. The pug, the terrier and the boxer are left out in the yard to roam free, which is fine. I have seen the pug in my front yard, but hes pretty shy, and if you go neat him, he tends to race back home.
I have an almost 2 year old siberian husky/lab mix (a trip to the vet confirmed that he is ¼ lab.) named Bjourne. He doesnt have alpha male tendencies, hes hyper, and stubborn, and fiercely protective of me if he thinks I could be hurt....found that out when a coyote ventured into the yard, and an opposum.
Other than that, Bjourne is pretty well behaved.
Yesterday, my husband calls to tell me that the neighbors terrier and the boxer showed up in our yard. Bjourne sniffed them, and walked away. The terrier started barking, and Bjourne really doesnt like the high pitched bark they make, and he gave a warning bark. Both the terrier and the boxer left the yard. My husband told Bjourne to conduct his business so they could get back in the house. As they were walking up the sidewalk, the boxer comes racing back into the yard and pounces on Bjourne. I guess that was all it took. Bjourne turned around, and nipped for the boxers throat. Then the fight broke out. My husband managed to pull Bjourne off of the other dog and get him in the house with the boxer still following him. He then took the boxer by the collar and walked the dog back to our neighbors. He gets down there, and the pug and the terrier are laying on the porch, AND THE NEIGHBORS WERE NOT HOME.
There are probably about 58 things wrong with that whole situation, but I will not list them all here....because other than the fact that this dog attacked my dog...they leave 3 dogs outside all day in the heat, and dont have them on any type of tie down. Now we live in the middle of woods, and the nearest highway is at least a mile, but a dog could travel that, and the road we live off of is a gravel road, but its a busy road. And boxers arent usually aggressive dogs, they are friendly and very energetic...so I am suprised that this happened anyways.
But I am really upset that these dogs are outside. I understand that not everyone chooses to have inside dogs...I do, because Bjourne will break any tie down and lead we put up, and he is capable of jumping a 6 foot fence, so he stays in the kitchen when I am at work (to avoid any naughty chewing...on my couch!!) but that really bothered me.
Neither dog was injured in the fight. I definitely intend on letting my neighbor know to try to keep his dog in his yard.
Thanks for letting vent!
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I had a similar situation with my neighbors where they would just let their dogs run loose. I called the police on them several times, as well as animal control. Animal control picked up the dogs and our neighbors would go pay to get them back out again. They let these two dogs live outside unleashed in a residential neighboorhood. When I confronted her about her dog getting in our garbage and making a huge mess she told me "You shouldn't put your garbage on your porch anyways", like it was MY fault. I got pretty upset and told her her dogs had ruined several pairs of boots I left on the front porch. (In winter time it gets muddy at the barn where I keep my horse and I don't want to track mud inside so I took them off at the front door and left them on the porch) She said, well, she doesn't even know why she has the dogs because her husband hates dogs. I said well then why do you keep bringing them home from the animal shelter when animal control picks them up? her answer was "I don't know". Give me a break...Neither of the dogs wore collars or any sort of identification. These people did not do anything with these dogs other than throw food at them.

They never let their dogs inside, even in the snow and rain. They worked from 9-5 or thereabouts. One day I caught both their dogs (on my property, mind you) put them in my truck and gave them to the animal rescue group that adopts dogs out about 65 miles from here. I never saw the dogs or heard from my neighbors about the dogs again.

BTW, these are the same neighbors I have called DFACS twice on because every time I see their 8 year old son he is covered from head to toe in bruises...
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I have a boxer, and boxers tend to pounce on things they want to play with. I'm in no way excusing this behavior...the dog should not have been out withotu someone home, period. But he probably wanted to play, pounced, and your dog reacted as most dogs unfamiliar with boxers do. I couldn't imagine letting my furkids run around outside with no supervision, I don't care how big a yard I had. And certainly not when I'm not there!
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I think you have a problem on your hands. We have a neighbor who's dog was coming over and growling at us. He actually scared me and dh several times. After confronting them, they introduced us to Baxter, we all made friends. They had no idea he was acting aggressive towards us, had never done it before, etc.

Well, the problem seemed to be solved until my dog Misty the VERY ALPHA akita got loose one day, and went to give Baxter a thumping. To my chagrin, she actually went after him on the leash, as his owner was walking him up their driveway! We actually considered getting rid of Misty, because she was fixated on getting over to their house to teach Baxter a lesson! Luckily, she never caught him again, but the idea of her going after him in his own driveway, with his owner there! I know that this originated from her seeing him over here acting like he owned our place. And she no longer runs over there. This was two dogs, neither of which are allowed to roam!!

But the point is, just because you think the fight is over, it may not be over in the dog's mind. If one of the dogs is trying to prove he is alpha, it will continue. Although you and the neighbor know where the property line is, they obviously don't! Good luck!
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Wow, Diane...what a situation. I have a german shepherd mix (many different mixes probably). You can see him in my siggy "Watson". Watson is very protective over me, so when we go on our walks we have to keep away from other dogs and sometimes suspicious other people. When not around me, Watson gets along with other animals (I've seen this with my mom's dog). Luckily, your husband and none of the dogs were hurt. Maybe contact your local police station and ask them what their rules are for dogs in regards to keeping on their own property. I know here in Houston, your dog must always be on a leash at all time, NO EXCEPTION. When the dog down the street ran up to Watson and Watson attacked her...he was protecting me, and the owner shouldn't let their dog loose without a leash. The owner is at fault for that. Hope all goes well, and you can make sure those dogs stay on their own property some way.
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