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older cat with weird diarrhea

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I'm taking my girl K.C. to the Vet this morning, but I'm worried so I had to come here first!

She's normally very healthy --- well formed poopies, eats good, very loving. Real sweet girl. I noticed 2 days ago her poopies went from being solid to a little soft (she goes in her own place so I know it's her).

Then last night I come home from work and find it went from soft to very very runny, with mucus in it!!! And it was EVERYWHERE... in my bedroom, in the bathroom, just everywhere. I know it was her cuz she basically lives in these two rooms.

She ate just fine last night, ate just fine this morning and is bright-eyed as usual. I'm worried cuz I hear that this type of runny poo means there are other issues. She's such a tiny lil thing and she's getting older.

The thing is I really have no clue how old she is. She was a stray I took in back in the Summer of 1994; and the Vet said judging by her teeth --- she was "over a year old" at that time.

I have a stool sample for the vet but I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight. When this happens in older cats --- when they start to "lose control" of their bowels (getting it all over like it's dribbling out), does this mean she's really really sick???

Just worried...
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Gosh, I have no idea, but sending lots of {{{vibes}}} your way! Let us know how it goes at the vet!
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Could she have picked up a worm infection? The mucus makes me think it might be that. Hope te vet sorts it out quickly.
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We just got back!!!

K.C. was checked for parasites using the stool sample I brought in. There is NO sign of infection OR parasites. Also, K.C. has no fever.

She was a tad dehydrated --- just from one day's worth of the runs --- but the Vet gave my girilie a sub-cu injection of liquids, and her first dosage of anti-diarrheal. I have to give K.C. some oral meds to help firm her stools.

But she has NO infection.

They took blood from her because of her age. The Vet says K.C. looks otherwise very healthy. However the Vet noticed, she has a heart murmur --- which might be due to her age.

The bloodwork will be back on Friday. So basically they are checking (with the blood sample), to see if her kidneys and other internal organs are okay. The Vet mentioned older cats have thyroid troubles.

Poor K.C. lost about a pound of fur she was so nervous! Shaking and crying. She's okay now, she's home and back on her pillow. I'm just thankful it wasn't some parasite or infection.

Hopefully her kidneys will check out OK. I'll find out Friday.
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Steph, I hope KC's bloodwork comes back showing no signs of any illness. I'll keep you two in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh dear - I did hope it was something easily found and treated. Good vibes for the results.
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Yeah I am worried, but I worry about everything. I'll worry until they call to tell me she's okay. The Vet says sometimes cats get the runs for no reason (sorta like us humans do I guess eh).

It was just so much, and so weird, like it was dribbling out as she was running. My mom's cat is 17, and he has thyroid problems... she said Rusty started out like that, losing control of his bowels.

Old age sucks. The Vet did say K.C. is such a cutie (she's only 6 pounds, very petite & wide-eyed). She sure looks youthful!
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The only thing I can add to this thread is that my cat had the runs for a few days. Well, it was more severaly soft poop rather then full on runs.


I took him to the vet and everything turned out just fine.

I decided maybe to switch his food slowly, and over time things got better.
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It's very possible that it is a thryoid problem. It is a common disease in older cats, and it could explain the heart murmur (they often go together). Good for you for getting her in to see the vet right away. If her thyroid level is high, you can start her on treatment (the medication comes in many forms, including liquid, chews, pills, and transdermal gel that can be applied to the ears) and help her get back to normal. Good luck.
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