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Hey guys, long time, no post...question about kleptomaniac kitties.

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Montana here...

(refresher picture)

has turned into quite the kleptomaniac. The girls (Dakota & Montana) and I moved about a month ago into my friends condo, call it a cost cuting move. Anyway, my roommates possessions have been ending up in my bed. It's nothing major, sort of...pens, roommate's cat's toys, corks, used disposable contact lense packages, small eye drops bottles, small things (There are other things, but I'm just going to stop there. I'll say my roommate is female and I think that should be enough).

Anyway, the little thief is over a year old now, you'd think she'd outgrow something like this, but truth be told, it never happened until we moved.

I don't really mind it except for the unmentionables, I don't have to shop for office supplies, because I have an endless supply of pens rolling in. But for the sake of my roommates sanity, is there any hope that Montana will stop doing this behavior? I told the roomie that she needs to lock her crap up, i.e. close bathroom doors, put lids on garbage cans, etc.. but you ladies can be a stubborn lot.

Anyway, sorry for rambling.
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My little Max does the same, running off with hairbands, pens, my toothbrush...even caught him with 50p the other day!

Max is only 3 months old, so I'd also be interested to know if he'll grow out of it (although I keep any unmentionables well under lock and key/bin so I don't need to worry on that score!)
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Items that have been klepto'd in my house:

pipe cleaners (from an art project)
hair bands
Barbie clothes
dirty socks (???)
toilet paper - the whole roll - taken while ON the holder & strung thru the house
belts that have stuff hanging on them in my closet
shoestrings (while still attached to shoes)

and the weirdest thing my Klepto cat has stolen:
area rugs (dragged around the house, like a dog drags it's blanket?)

Hammie is a klepto! I sorta like it, it's cute to see him dragging a 2 foot by 3 foot area rug up the stairs.
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I had a cat that stole rings, watches, earrings and other jewelry and went upstairs and dropped them in the litter pan. I would take the bed any day of the week!
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my rambo steals anything shiny...which means i no longer own a complete set of earrings, i have 0 necklaces (that i can find...i wish i knew where he hid them) and today i chased him down to get my ring back. Hopefully when i start packing to move i'll find my jewellry...but who knows.
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Now I know why thieves are called "cat burglars".
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Originally Posted by hissy
I had a cat that stole rings, watches, earrings and other jewelry and went upstairs and dropped them in the litter pan. I would take the bed any day of the week!
Well, like I said. aside from certain items, I don't mind, I think it's funny. It was more for the sake of my roommate.

I'll just tell her to lock stuff up where the little bugger can't get to them.

Thanks ladies.
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Ahhhh yes , theivery.. In my other house I had a storage room that the back wall was not finished and you could see into the basement behind the water heater and the furnace. In this storage room I had a partial roll of carpet tubing standing up leaning against the wall. I thought I was loosing my mind. "I know I left my sunglasses right here.. where in the hell did I put that $20.00, the remote HAS to be here somewhere."..blah blah blah you get the idea. Well one day while taking a nap, I heard that familiar thump we all know is one of our little lovlies getting on a counter they are not supposed to. So I got up and proceeded to watch Ripley (yes every thing naughty always involves Ripley ) pick up a spoon from the counter, jump down and tro all the way down into the basement. So I followed her to see what the heck she was doing. She jumped on the water heater, right into the storage room, shimmied up the carpet tube and dropped the spoon right down the middle. I proceeded to pick up the tube and out spilled every thing I had been missing , never knew was missing or forgot I had even owned!!!!!
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Dori steals hair ties and other small random items and drops them in her food dish The funny part is that when she wants to eat her food she tries to manuver around the items in the dish. Yesterday she had 2 hair ties in the dish and had stuck her nose down in the dish to move them, so the hair ties were resting there as she ate
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my highschool ring dissappeared about 8 months ago, and then when I moved out of my old place my old room mate called asking if I knew what happened to some of her earings... the strange thing about it was one earing from a set would be missing... Leeloo looks suspiciously guilty as she used to always climb on the bathroom counters... but none of the missing jewlery was ever found, evil cats
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This thread is really funny! My cats play with things crazy, but never hide or steal them. At least that I know about. With four kids, I would blame it on the kids not the cats....hmmm maybe it IS the cats?

The toilet paper one is really funny. Since we got our cats we can no longer leave toilet paper on the holder. Within minutes it will ALWAYS be a cat toy.

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My kittens took off with $41 off my coffee table last night. One $20 over in the corner by the closet... check... $1 under the TV stand... check... $20 under the couch... check....
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Emma likes to steal straws out of my glasses and she hides them all in the hall closet. We're pretty convinced she's hording them up for a natural disaster or armageddon or something...
Oh, and Buckeye, "giggity giggity gig!"
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My girl Lexus doesn't behave this way until my friend, Tricia comes to visit. Then Lexus will "sneek" up to Tricia's purse and steal things out of it. Tricia now puts an acceptable cat toy in there so Lex will leave the good stuff alone. *smile*

Lexus thought she hit the motherlode yesterday when Tricia stopped by and had one of those Octopus toys in the top of her purse. We haven't seen it again since Lex ran off with it, but I have a feeling it will turn up when we least expect it.
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Cute kitty!
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this thread is hilarious!

Lucky likes to play with the seals from inside milk cartons...i must have gotten about 20 of them in the last year from myself and friends so she can play with them. The thing is...I can't find a single one of them now. She used to hide them in my shoes...but she realized i would find them. So she tried hiding them in my gym bag or my purse. I think she's won the hide the caps game because i can't find a single one of them....and i only have a 1 bedroom apartment!!
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My boys also have a thing for ping pong balls - I think because they're so light that they can bat them around easily. Thing is, I should have eight of them, but I can't find a single one! I'm beginning to think they eat the darn things!
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