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Old cat New Cat HELP!!!!!!!

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I have a one year old long hair domestic male. His name is Copi. He is a wonderful cat. Loves everyone, even kids.

My question is

I have brought a 3 year old male into the house. His name is Dudley. He is very scared and aggressive. He doesn't seem to mind the other cat some much, but he will not let my husband or myself near him. When you go near him he growls and hisses. He is litter trained but when he gets scared he releases everything!!!. Dudley is not familar to alot of ineraction. How can I calm him down? Will Dudley calm down? IS there a better way to intoduce him to the house???
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Jean - a little background on Dudley would be helpful, such as where you got him, etc.
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Ditto, it would help to get some background such as where did he come from, how long have you had him. How did you introduce them when he came home, etc
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You may think it hasn't been long, but to him this is very overwhelming and he is trying to tell you that. He's so scared he's wetting himself, how awful!

Leave him alone. Leave food out. Leave access open to the litter area. Let him have space. Don't peer into his hidey holes even though you know where they are and want to make sure he's okay. He is.

My cat Poppy was like this for a long time. We've had her for years now and she sleeps on the bed and is the lovingest lap kitty ever. But it took time and giving her space. She still gets nervouse when we move fast or walk around loudly.
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I totally agree with alicat. I've introduced newcomers before and it usually took about a week. But none were that frightened. So as alicat says, just time, patience, respect for privacy and easy going surroundings will most likely do the trick. It has been my experience that cats, after becoming acquainted, become quite fond of each other.
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You say he is not familiar with a lot of interaction. What else do you know about his history?

My cat Poppy, who as I said also did not want any attention at all for quite some time, had been very abused and neglected by humans for 1.5 years when we got her. It takes a long time to build trust. Poppy has been with us for three years now, and she is still a bit skittish. I got her and her only surviving kitten (they all had pneumonia during the pregnancy, mommy and unborn kitties both), and the kitten wasn't afraid of anything at all, having been born in a foster home. But Poppy, well, for quite some time you wouldn't even know we had her. You'd hardly ever see her at all. Even to this day, she prefers a warm, quiet safe spot to rest in, most of the day. I still respect her privacy and if she is in a hidey hole, I don't even look inside.
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