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I am very concerned..

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Our 16+ year old rescue cat is causing me concern.
Our old lady, Bella, who we have had for 16 years now is starting to lose control of her bowels and bladder.
We got her from the Cats Protection League - they had rescued her from a factory. For years we tried but really she never lost her timidness and preferred to live in the garden only coming in in the coldest of weather. For the past couple of years she stays in but the years of living outside have taken their toll. She walks like a rabbit on her back legs and despite having a GOOD appetite is really just skin and bone. She also has chest problems.
Lateley I have noticed that her bedding is slightly soiled and she is rather smelly (because of her mobility problems she doesn't groom herself very well).
We have wooden floors and when she walks away from where she has been sitting she leaves a trail of drops of urine. This morning the same happened but this time it was also obvious that she was also losing from her back passage.

She needs to see a vet but due to her timidness this is such an ordeal for her that I would rather only have to take her at very end as an act of kindness. I hope you know what I am trying to say. Do you think that time has come......
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I am sorry to say, yes, it sounds like her time has come. You have given her a good life, and I hope that is some comfort to you. I wish you the best with this difficult decision.
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Bless you for being so compassionate about this. I think you need to weigh up the quality of life she has, would you be happy if you were her?
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Thank you for your kind words.
I will keep you posted.
Paula x
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Her appetite and thinness suggest that she may have hyperthyroidism. It is treatable with medication, which is available in a transdermal gel (which can be applied to the ears) as well as pill and liquid form. If you aren't sure whether she's likely to get through this time, bloodwork may be able to help guide you. Old cats are at risk for so many different diseases, some of which may be treatable and some of which are not. Only you can tell whether you want to pursue possible treatment for her or whether it is her time to say goodbye.
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Bless your heart...sounds like your a wonderful mommy. I know that IF and when the decision come to take her to the vet it will be the right one .
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You should take her to the vet because you don't want to run the risk that she's in pain and it's going untreated. She's obviously uncomfortable - it's not pleasant for a cat to be unable to keep herself clean and to be somewhat messy.

I agree with cloud_shade that she may have a treatable condition(s). The right treatment can work miracles, and sometimes cats who *seem* to be near the end make wonderful recoveries. Don't jump to conclusions that her time has come. The only way to know this is to have her examined.

I understand your reluctance to bring her in, but in this case, it's necessary. I know you'll do everything you can to make it as stress-free as possible.

Thank you for caring so much about this girl. I hope the vet is able to help, and you'll have more time with her. Please let us know.
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Bless her little heart it certainly sounds like she's not well at all

Please take her to the vet, she may be too ill to bother to give a struggle
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