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Bad neighbors

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Looks like I'll be turning them in to face criminal charges first thing tomorrow.

Overheard them (not hard, they talk very loud) in their backyard, bragging to a friend how they loaded up their dog (a beautiful German shorthair) and drove her off and abandoned her.
They guy even went into detail about how he kicked her, and beat her in the head first, as well as being quite detailed about where he dumped her.

There really needs to be stiffer laws and more accountability.
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Unless you have proof, you might run into problems. And if this is what they do to their dogs, think about what they might do to your animals? Be cautious dealing with these types of people, experience has shown me they can be quite dangerous and vindictive-
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I'm not worried about my own animals, I'm home 24/7 and they are all indoors.
Houses were in the area she was dumped in, I'm sure they were seen and everyone here at the complex knows the dog, plus her tag is laying in his backyard.
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People like that should be hanged, drawn and quartered. I can't believe they'd be so heartless in the first place, but to compound matters by bragging about it is... my God... these people just aren't human. Perhaps you should rally a few of the neighbours and ask around to see if they've heard anything too... if they have, then you'll have several people to stand witness to last nights "dealings" and if no-one has seen the dog for some time then that would really stand against these people. Call the ASPCA and I'm pretty sure you'll find that they'll take matters further. They'll investigate as fully as is possible and where they can will have people prosecuted. Animal Protection Organisations with full police powers are something I'd like to see more of. Definitely let them know of your concerns... for all they know some poor battered dog is going to be lying in agony somewhere with no food and no home.
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And in the middle of summer!!! I hope that you can take LilleKat's advice and rally some reinforcements! Hissy is right about these people being vindictive; ask the authorities if they will keep your tip anonymous, they should respect that. Bless you for caring about this dog!! How can they be so heartless??
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Did you find the dog where they said they left him?
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Fiance' simply called in their license plate number and said he'd watched some guys dump a dog.
He did so annonymously and described their Blazer and the dog.
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Ah smart move Sounds like you've got a keeper.. lol I hope they can find the dog and that it's ok. I can't stand reading or hearing stories like this.. Just makes me wanna hurt someone!!
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Originally Posted by RoyalEnchntrss
Ah smart move Sounds like you've got a keeper.. lol I hope they can find the dog and that it's ok. I can't stand reading or hearing stories like this.. Just makes me wanna hurt someone!!
Makes me cry. I hope he was just making some of that up about beating the dog because he thought it made him sound cool. Hope someone beats him.
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Did they find the poor dog?
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I have no idea if they found her or not.
I'm going to keep checking the local adoptions page for her.
I just don't understand why he didn't drop her off at the pound, 2 year old purebred pointer would have been snatched up pretty quickly here.
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Too bad you couldn't have gotten that conversation on video camera...
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Dreadful people!!
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I had a similar. My neighbor who was a good friend had two dogs and some before that. we had just moved in and I became friends with her. she was abusing her dog and I turned her in for animal abuse....she would stand out my window and say she was going to kill me and our pets and all this stuff. She would get drunk bag on our walls and scream and cuss. She has mental problems and the police came a few times. 2 weeks ago she moved out because of what happened. I found out many dogs had gotten taken away and she causes problems wherever she goes. Now her relatives lives next to us.....we live in villas so we have people on both sides.
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How horrible! I'm glad you were able to get involved. Just finding the dog covered with bruises should be enough to prosecute.
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People disgust me. People like that need to be put in their place.
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