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A question, Background info: I got a boy and girl from a farm both had worms and ear mites and the boy had a respiratory infection. It took Bogey (boy) a few days to get active and interested in things. He had and still has to take various meds for his illnesses.
The problem now is: the vet said for the first 3-6months (Bogey and betty are 9 weeks) feed Bogey when ever he wants to eat. I was told because he was half the wieght of Betty he needed this time to catch up. Now bogey is getting fat. He is highly active (feeling much better) and he really is a porker about food. Lol. When we first got Bogey he had a swollen, hard belly from the parasites now he has a softer still swollen belly. The vet said this was normal but it doesn't seem like the belly should still be fat. (You can feel his ribs without much effort.) It kinda feels like an apple is sitting in there.
And now Betty seems to be getting very skinny... I know she eats because i"ve seen her. She is super active and whoever said cats sleep 16 hours a day hasn't met my betty!
Our next vet visit is the 18th (to double check worms, mites and get more shots) any one have any advice until then? And I wonder does anyone think I should get a second opinion on Bogeys belly or is it normal after having worms?