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We have a long haired Half Persian/Ragdoll white kitty. I brush his hair (or fur) everyday, but he is starting to get some matting on the fur under his arms. At first we were cutting some of the matting off, but I'm worried because it's winter, we don't want to have to shave him, so he can have his coat in the cold weather.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you look at the top you can do a search. If you put in the word matting, a whole list of threads with some very good ideas will come up.
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I have a Persian kitten and was told to get a creme rinse to use after I bathe her. I found cat shampoo but have not found creme rinse for cats? Any suggestions?
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Most online grooming stores and vendors at cat shows have a cream rinse for LH cats. Most people I know will just use a human cream rinse. If the cat doesn't show, you can also put in the leave on conditioners.
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